Britney Spears And Boyfriend Spotted At Bakery

I work at Baked Goo’s (a bakery outside of Kentwood) for my summer job. I knew that was from Kentwood, which is close to my town. My stomach dropped when I saw her and a guy walk through our door two days ago. I’m such a fan! The guy she was with had a little mustache and a slight goatee. He was wearing a Lakers baseball cap and he looked about her age. He looked kinda like Justin, but I don’t think it was him. He wasn’t as cute! He got a coffee and she got a slice of cream pie. The funny part is that when she ordered it I said, “You can eat this stuff and still keep that body?”, and she said, “I basically eat whatever I want.” Then they got a to go box and left. there were like four guys there taking pictures of them, so I’m sure the pictures will surface somewhere. Anyway never thought I’d meet a celebrity! Just thought it was cool!

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