Britney Spears And Christina Aguilera Essay Of The Day

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Since essays are a thing of this site, and I’ve never written one, I felt the need to. This is most definitely an essay comparing to Christina Aguilera.

Let’s begin with the Grammys. Britney was nominated one time at the height of her popularity, to never be looked at again. Christina has won 4. Britney’s fans seem to think that mentioning the fact that Millii Vanilli and the Baha Men also won Grammys validates anything. Well, the Baha Men’s song was very popular the year they won and it won in the category of best dance recording. Milli Vanilli won because their music was good at the time, unfortunately it wasn’t them singing, something the Grammy committee had no way of knowing. They were a farse much like your beloved idol.

Secondly, The Kiss. So Christina wasn’t mentioned very much as being at the scene of the event. That’s because Christina wasn’t the one looking for all the publicity she could get during that time. Christina portrayed a raunchier image a year before the kiss with the release of Dirrty and people grew to expect the unexpected from Christina. However, Britney has always tried to stick with the image that she’s virginal and for her to kiss another woman on TV was obviously a desperate cry for attention. And people gave her what she was looking for, attention. (By the way Britney’s fan was still composed mostly of preteen teenyboppers, while Christina had moved to the more adult market again with the release of Stripped)

Lastly, Christina’s voice has a power and a range that Britney can only dream of. She’s said so herself. While, Britney can rely on a few robotic dance moves, and sexually charged performances to get her fans excited.

So, I continue to say that Christina is what an artist should be, while Britney can only hope that her publicity stunts will give her another 5 years of fame.

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