Britney Spears And Colin Farrell Reunite Kinda

The new Us Weekly includes several photos of and a pal in Los Angeles picking up a copy of the issue of Esquire magazine featuring ex-fling Colin Farrell on the cover, carefully examining what the actor had to say. “She was engrossed,” an eyewitness says. “She read while walking, like she wanted to see real fast if he’d mentioned her.” But there was no mention of Spears, as Farrell only spoke of his pregnant ex-galpal Kim Bordenave. The witness added, “Nothing about the article bothered her.”

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8 thoughts on “Britney Spears And Colin Farrell Reunite Kinda

  1. hellahooked says:

    well this was a pointless article, I was expecting something else.

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    hey this article is very old…i read it before on popdirt. oh and us weekly really likes to assume things. how the hell do they know she wanted to see real fast if Colin had mentioned her?? puh-leese, they can read minds now?

  3. ca_ca says:

    Britney is so funny….uhaauhauhuha

  4. babet says:

    pre-signs of an obsessive stalker to-be……. I think Colin will need to issue a restraining order soon.

  5. HoneyRain says:

    oh my goodness why are they still talking about her and Colin? it’s clear that it was just a fling.. he’s not that cute anyway. I guess I’m the only one who feels this way but he is so freaking ugly to me.. I wish he would go hide under a rock… now Lenny Kravitz is a hottie :)

  6. Dancer4Life says:

    …And the point of this article was? Anyway Britney’s a very sad person. Why would she pick up a magazine just to see if he was talking about her. That’s dumb.

  7. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    honey rain and babe are *****es these boyband fans are all *****e dheads believing that boybands are still in today and dat fat ass Mariah scarey who can’t sing anymore must loose some weight ***** Britney didn’t do anything to you *****es why you *****es talk ***** about her all the time den you admire that fat ass Mariah Scarey her music and voice sucks

  8. nick_carters_girl says:

    ok..i love Britney.. but you know..uhh…what was the point of this article again?… lol..but its cute..weren’t there pics of Brit readin ‘Esquire’ like last week or a car with a friend or something?.. well ya..i mean..Colin Farrell is so hott…anyways,how would paparazzi know what she was thinking when she read the magazine?.. what, all of a sudden they have the power to go in her head and know what she’s thinking…the girl just probably really loves Colin (duh, he’s the sexiest man alive!) and wanted to read the freakin magazine..LORDY, can’t people just leave the girl alone?

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