Britney Spears And Halle Bring In The Ratings For SNL

Entertainment Tonight reported that Halle Berry and gave SNL their highest ratings with an impressive 8 million viewers. Halle was the host and Britney the musical guest performing her new single Me Against the Music and a new track of her new album ‘In the Zone’ with a song called Everytime. The show hasn’t seen ratings this high since last May.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears And Halle Bring In The Ratings For SNL

  1. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Justin was on the week before, I wonder what his ratings were. *snicker* Go Britney!….And Halle. Why is it that ‘everytime’ (wink, wink) Britney is on SNL, ratings go through the roof? I bet she had all of you glued to your TVs, huh? People love her or they love to hate her. And it just makes her more famous. I can’t wait till Nov. 18!

  2. bboys03us says:

    Go Britney! she still got it. I thought you guys said she was over. whatever! Justin Timberlake could not attract a flock of flies. we love ya Britney come on November 18 get here

  3. FaustoAguilera says:

    The last time Christina was on SNL they had the lowest ratings they’ve ever had in all of their years. Guess it’s because of the major FLOP that was Stripped. It’s sad that her record label is considering dropping her.

  4. XxmissyxX says:

    Britney is STILL more popular than Justin Timberlake. Maybe the ratings were so high because SNL’s age demographic (horny 20 yr old college kids)…were expecting a lesbian kiss between 2 of the hottest ladies in the world. that would make any horny guy or gal tune in!

  5. Cicero says:

    Is anyone surprised? Britney is perhaps the most popular celebrity in the world, whether you like her or hate her. I’ve read people booed Christina… but I saw her perform ‘Beautiful,’ and no one booed. She did a really great job, and looked gorgeous in a long dress.

  6. mel_melanie says:

    Britney sucks. And the only reason why I watched SNL last week is because I always do, but I had to turn the TV off when she performed because I can’t stand her voice.

  7. B0rntoplay says:

    It’s nice to see how popular Britney is. Um, wasn’t Justin on last week? Hmm… Either way…highest ratings since last May…awesome.

  8. rachel says:

    Stupid Britney fans!!!!!!!!! Everyone watched the show because of Halle Berry not the slut. And please I always skip the musical guests unless its someone like Linkin Park or Christina. Most people fall asleep before the musical guests performs. Nice try Hotstuff, the last time the bitch hosted, SNL had it lowest rating so obviously this has nothing to do with Spears.

  9. Daz76 says:

    For your information Christina is the best selling female of RCA… She has been for the past 4 years. She is the female with highest album sales for RCA, not even newcomer Kelly Clarkson has passed her, Stripped has sold pretty good worldwide and in the Us a fair 3 million. You might be living under a rock for saying Stripped is a flop and go on to say that RCA is considering dropping her, check your info before talking otherwise you it makes you look foolish.

  10. babet says:

    It may have gotten high ratings…….but that episode wasn’t funny. Justin’s episode got the best reviews and was actually funny. Britney was really dorky and could not act. her singing was awful. I bet half the viewers were tabloid reporters…..that are on her payroll.

  11. justincaseyestwo says:

    The ONLY reason that the ratings were high was curiosity. I watched to see Halle. If they could do ratings AFTER the show you will find that most people thought it was horrible. If they all got to do it all over again knowing what it was going to be like they wouldn’t have even BEEN in the ratings. That show was awful.

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