Britney Spears And Madonna: Quo Vadis?

Contributed by Madfan:

So…it’s finally out: the much-awaited music video for the Britney Spears and Madonna collaboration, “Me Against The Music.” Boredom, a big yawn and boycott should be the proper responses to this messy collage of a video. We should not be supporting “artists” who give us nothing but bad songs, albums and videos. Everything in the video, we’ve seen before: Britney Spears trying to look and move like Janet Jackson, Madonna in a suit and emulating Marlene Dietrich, Madonna suggesting lesbian/bisexual themes in a video, club scenes, ho-hum…not to mention bad non-singing and bad melody and rapping.

This is so typical of Spears, who IS, after all, associated with non-talent, dumbness and mediocrity. This is BECOMING typical of the ancient hag Madonna, who, thanks to this collaboration, has proven that she has finally lost her touch in making good music and videos. “Me Against The Music” has got to be the worst, if not one of the worst, music videos ever. It has no artistic or commercial value whatsoever. Even the sex that it’s trying to project and sell is NOT sexy, daring and provocative at all. It’s all been done before, and the concept and the visuals suck. Or are we just tired of Madonna and her non-talented student?

Britney and Madonna, quo vadis – where are you going? Maybe you can do the world more service by just retiring (especially YOU, Madonna). By doing it, there will be more beauty in this already messed-up world. By just fading away from the scene, you’ll save yourselves from further failure and embarrassment. It’s the ONLY way, since you can’t give us anything good anymore.

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9 thoughts on “Britney Spears And Madonna: Quo Vadis?

  1. B0rntoplay says:

    Poor, sad, pathetic Britney haters hoping that Britney will actually ever fade into the background. She here to stay…sorry. You don’t sell as many albums as she does and then just disappear.

    When she has her first flop, then you can talk. She has yet to flop. Even her last album which sold 4 million still competes well with the albums of people like Christina and Justin, who both have each 4 million as well.

  2. SJ says:

    It’s weird that actually agree with Hater-Ho Madfan!. “MATM” is boring… and Madonna makes it even more boring!. I’m surprised they didn’t kiss again. Damn lesbians!

  3. socram says:

    Coming from a guy that is always hating Britney, I don’t give a damn! Britney did it again! GET OVER IT madfan!!! stop being so pathetic and deal with it!

    How pathetic that you take your time to comment on an artist you dislike!

  4. WaneInTheZone says:

    I have no idea what Madfan is. Boy or Girl, Or hermaphrodite. I have a feeling ‘it’ has so much negativity because their bitter about something, Be happy Madfan you managed to crawl out the abortion bucket and you have the ability to literally go screw yourself. Go do what you do best!

  5. Catra7000 says:

    Yeah that’s right…. just KEEP TALKING ABOUT BRITNEY…. I love to see her name in print and getting discussions about her good OR bad is still getting her noticed. you’re advocating her either way, dummy. she’s so hot, she’s like a sparkling sultry star you are dumb.

  6. ballersfantasy says:

    For somebody that hates this video, its a shame that you took the time to write three paragraphs about it. Anyways…….the single and video are great!

  7. jdominicanny says:


  8. Spearsworld says:

    Anti-Britney people are going too far! The essays are becoming quite ludicrous. Let us all together, as Britney fans or other, recognize and accept the fact the new Brit video and song is shooting up the charts faster than lightening and they are both gonna be around, not only to wallow in this recent success that is Brit’s new single, but for as long as they both wanna be pop music icons. Everyone has their own opinions of the song/video, and have a right to express them, but to say that either Brit or Madonna are finished is just a blatant, out-and-out lie. They have been the center of conversation since before the song even came out. If they are finished, I wanna know who’s started!

  9. musikluver says:

    O lord… here goes madfan with his pathetic desperate attempts again.. it won’t work.. it hasn’t worked yet has it? get over yourself and promote those you like instead of trying to bring Britney down.. I think we are all big enough here to make our own decisions and choose who we like as an artist WITHOUT your help! EVERYBODY… LETS GET IN THE ZONE!

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