Britney Spears And Men

As a concerned fan I just feel I have to say something about Britney Spears’ choice of men. I think she is an extraordinarily good looking girl as well as a brilliant entertainer with great instinctive skills at developing her career but her choice of men seems to be amazingly poor. She has the potential for a long and diverse career and unlike most of her contemporaries should do well in the film industry if only she could get out of her self-destruct mode.

I appreciate that the chances of her meeting normal decent ordinary guys are next to zero as the only people she has any contact with are out of show business or the VIP lounge of nightclubs or from her childhood. However instead of going up market she appears to be constantly aiming for the bottom end.

Going from the pictures I see and speaking as a man, all the guys she supposedly dates are basically the same, immature with stupid beards along their jaw line or tufts of hair on their chin and under the bottom lip. Mature men either have a proper beard or have learnt to shave.

People in ‘show’ business live in a fantasy world and are detached from reality. It is said Britney is immature (she is certainly emotionally fragile) which makes it more vital that she dates a well-grounded more responsible man (preferably not in show business) to provide much needed stability in a relationship, a rock foundation. All the guys she dates seem to be basically immature too, be it J.T. or Colin F. or Jason A. no wonder they end up causing her heartache, misery and unhappiness.

The current guy Kevin can hardly inspire confidence. He was/is in a long term relationship with one child and another on the way yet Britney has easily enticed him away for her own gratification, thereby inflicting misery on his ‘family’, not a very Christian thing to do some would say. Also if he is happy to abandon his ‘family’ so easily what sort of long term partner will he make anyone? Accompanying/allowing Britney into a cannabis cafe in Amsterdam was crass stupidity; she needs someone who stops her doing such foolish things.

Sadly show business is littered with women who have brought misery to their lives and careers by picking the wrong men. Artists like or Liza Minnelli seem to me to be the rule not the exception; I just pray Britney does not join them. You may think me unkind but I just hope her present relationship ends in tears sooner rather than later otherwise it could end in tragedy which would be a great shame.

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