Britney Spears Asked To Appear At Oscars

Contributed Anonymously:

Hi. I know someone involved in writing material for Ellen DeGeneres on Sunday’s Academy Awards, and I’ve heard that has been contacted about making a surprise appearance. The idea would be for Ellen, who is always supportive of celebrities in her comedy to the point she doesn’t have a good relationship with people like Cathy Griffin, would talk at some point about the recent “Girls Gone Wild” trend. Ellen would defend the girls under scrutiny, and when she mentions Britney and her bald head, she’ll defend that move and say she has no problems with women shaving their heads and has thought about doing it herself. At that point, Britney, having been secretly ushered into the Kodak Theater, would come out with clippers hidden behind her back and press Ellen on her feelings about shaving her head. Ellen finally agrees to do it, and then Britney pulls out the shears and would shave Ellen’s head live on stage! Ellen has always had a good relationship with the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ crew, so hopefully Britney can get it together and agree to do it! It could be one of those Oscar moments for the ages and would give Britney some much needed positive press. It also would allow the discussion to change from Britney being troubled or crazy to maybe her and Ellen having this elaborate idea planned out all along. For Ellen’s TV show, in the next few months she’d be having a “wig of the week” trying various styles, with Britney making several guest appearances – sort of a new twist on Oprah’s Book Club.

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