Britney Spears At NIA

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I have never been to a pop concert in my life before but last night (5th May) I attended the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham to see and she was fantastic. The NIA seats about 4,500 people but when the show started I doubt there were 10 empty seats.

The music may have been a little loud for my taste, as it drowned the vocals, but nevertheless it was a great show. When she came on the audience made so much noise it drowned out everything.

I doubt anyone there, including myself, could have given a damn whether she was lip syncing or not, we knew she had sung the tracks so it wasn’t as if she was miming to someone else’s words.

When she came to do her little speech at the piano it took an age, she managed to say a couple of words at a time and the audience just cheered, whistled or shouted their support and affection for her. It was good to hear.

When it got to the underwear bit I did see two families leave with daughters aged about eight but if you sit on a beach in the summer you will see plenty of girls wearing far less. You could tell Britney was wearing a body stocking for the bath scene but the big screens were showing her dancers rather than her, mores the pity.

I assume her other shows have been very similar, so why the press have gone out of their way to criticize and be so negative is beyond me, so I hope she ignores them. The audience loved the experience.

The dancers, backing singers, musicians, all the backroom staff and particularly Britney put their all into entertaining us and it was a great time.

I can’t dance but if the dancer with the chequer board hairstyle wants to go on holiday for a couple of weeks then I can make myself available as a replacement.

Thanks Britney for a great night.

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