Britney Spears At Olive Garden

Contributed anonymously:

Okay, so today I was at the Olive Garden In Los Angeles with my girls and we weren’t getting ANY service. After about an hour wait, our waiter comes up and apologizes saying”My boss made me take care of all the chaos because just came in and fans were surrounding her.” I looked over and saw her and 3 other girls snackin’ on the bread and just lookin really chill. One of my girls said, “Go over and get an autograph.” So I did.I went over to her with a pen and 3 napkins and asked her, “Can you sign these for me and my friends?” She said, “Of course! I am so glad only one of you came up. I like it when I can talk to one fan at a time one-on-one.” She signed them and even bought us dessert!

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