Britney Spears Avoids Showdown With Alicia Keys

The Daily Star Sunday reports has pushed back the release of her forthcoming album in November to avoid a head-to-head battle with Alicia Keys. An insider said, “Britney said she wanted to move the release to sometime later in the month the moment she heard she’d have to compete with Alicia Keys.”

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Avoids Showdown With Alicia Keys

  1. justincaseyestwo says:

    And so, this would be some kind of SURPRISE?????????? If I were Britney Spears I wouldn’t want to go up against Alicia Keys. When you can’t sing you don’t EVER want to go up against someone who can.

  2. Hell6 says:

    OH really… I don’t think so. If the date of the release of Britney 4th CD was changed, um… there’s must by another believable reason. I mean, Britney afraid of the One-CD-Wonder Alicia Keys, it is just stupid!!!

  3. hotstuff says:

    ^^i agree. no doubt Alicia can sing and she’s won some Grammys but she doesn’t TOUCH Britney in terms of sheer volume of album sales. 52 million albums sold by 21 and definitely more to come… but if the date does change its probably her label behind it, they are both Jive recording artists and I don’t think they would want a showdown by the way the two.

  4. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    omg omg!! if this is true then this girl is really scared. what happened to confident Britney in the past??this girl changed,man. even she changed when she split up with ma boy JT! Turn back to him or you ll change forever!

  5. weebongo says:

    Britney has little to do with what week the album is released. It’s the record Label who determines that.

  6. kiki says:

    Oh my goodness. Britney is scared……….. that is just to bad. Britney has to realize that there is someone can be just be as good as her and probably takes the “POP QUEEN” title. She also has to realize that people are tired of her being on the top and she should fall. BRITNEY, YOU CAN’T BE #1 ALWAYS.

  7. YogiBear says:

    it’s the quality and that’s what Britney is really up against. she’s basically in Ana Kournikova’s shoes…she has the looks but NO TALENT.

  8. hotstuff says:

    y’all are acting as if this is confirmed. screw the rumors, til the album is released I wont believe anything I hear about it unless its actually OFFICIAL & CONFIRMED.

  9. killacam says:

    I ain’t friggin surprised that she don’t want comp cos Alicia would kick her ass in sales and you know why cos she got more talent. Only problem with Alicia Keys his her looks I think. I mean yeah she is quite good looking but she isn’t no Beyonce Knowles or Ashanti is she. Them two especially Ashanti are really sexy. 10 out of 10. Where as Alicia is only a 6 or 7 ya know?

  10. hotstuff says:

    lol..i know, I was like pissing in my pants from laughing after reading this. Alicia has never come close to touching Britney EVER in sales. as far as I’m concerned she can take those Grammys and shove em lol. the power of Britney is incredible. she’s the most searched for human in all the search engines and sales for the Elle magazine are, basically all sold out from what I’ve seen & heard.

    all I’m gonna say is bring it on alicia, if this is even true. if y’all watched Total Britney Live somewhere during the middle Carson said that Britney’s 3rd album was so incredibly anticipated that even Madonna, yes the Material Girl even pushed her release date to the following week to avoid Britney’s release. Alicia, great voice but very mediocre. she had a hit with ‘Fallin’ but I don’t think anyone actually cared for ‘A Woman’s Worth’ and whatever else she released. see Alicia’s ass is the one those board room execs love to kiss when choosing winners for the grammy’s. she’s nothing special IMO.

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