Britney Spears Back On Top

Dan Aquilante of the New York Post reviewed Britney Spears’ new album ‘In The Zone’, and proclaims that Spears “accomplishes everything she wants to here.” Aquilante added, “She finally separates herself from her candy-coated past and she does it with an eclectic and sophisticated pop sound. Whether she or her producers deserve the credit, who knows – and who cares? She is a force in contemporary entertainment and ‘In the Zone’ reflects that.”

The entire review at has since been removed.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Back On Top

  1. B0rntoplay says:

    Back on top? She never left. Awesome review. Like I’ve been saying, how could you NOT like this album? Unless you are a hater who is hard-headed, then there is no way you can like an album this good. It’s awesome, and definitely her best.

  2. Stallion says:

    I like it when people like N’sync Pink Christina Aguilera and Britney Spear take their music to a whole new level. That is why these artist are going to be here for a long time beside from the fact that they have talent they are smart enough to realize that the whole max Martin pop sound is over and it is time to move on. That is why people like the Backstreet Boys O-town Jessica Simpson Willa Ford Boyzone LFO 5ive are over. The Backstreet Boys Jessica Simpson and 90 degrees should be taking notes from these people

  3. Madfan says:

    Will it be safe to make a partial year-end list best and worst list now? I’ll do it anyway…. THE BEST (the ones that HAVE good songs and you really can listen to over and over again…) 1. In The Zone – Britney Spears 2. Coverage – Mandy Moore 3. 1 fille & 4 types – Celine Dion 4. Meteora – Linkin Park 5. Corazon Latino – David Bisbal 6. Almas del Silencio – Ricky Martin 7. Thalia’s Hits Remixed – Thalia THE WORST (need I say more?) so far… 1. American Life – Madonna 2. The Remixes – Mariah Carey 3. Thalia – Thalia

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news…..I’ll give you the good first, since it’s the SHORTEST part of what I have to say about “In The Zone”…. It is BY FAR the best CD! I can DEFINITELY see why the clubbers in NY and LA were going nuts with it. It’s got some GREAT beats…FANTASTIC beats! (*I give the producers the credit for that one) But it is definitely BY FAR her best work….. And the BAD news? It STILL is a piece of crap! The lyrics are dumb! I’m sorry, but I would NEVER be caught dead singing that crap! She’s always been all about “That sexphene isn’t me…it’s all an act” yet again, she says this ultra sex hyped disc is about where she is right now…. Um, call me crazy, but isn’t that showing her hypocrisy again? It’s all about sex, whether it’s with someone or all alone. She talks several times about how hot she is and how everyone wants her….um, can we say ARROGANT? The lyrics are pure crap…I’m sorry! The vocals? A JOKE! Come on, how is she ever going to REALLY be taken seriously with them? I mean, come on…. She is breathy in the places she sings, and where she doesn’t, she’s all moaning and making other strange sounds into it. It’s pathetic, and what sucks for her is honestly, this is the best she’s ever sounded. But my god, when I could do better with laryngitis…. I really feel sorry for her cause talent is something you ALWAYS have, and your looks aren’t. Britney doesn’t HAVE that talent to back her up. The melody lines…, did a 3 year old come up with them while playing in the sand box at day care? They are SO simple…I couldn’t sing along to them if I tried, cause I’m a better singer than that. I can do so much more with my voice….I can’t back step that far and be that simple (or have that crappy of a voice). The melody line is simple even for her…. Like I said, this album possesses some really REALLY hot beats, and the producers are the ones who deserve THAT credit. That is the best thing this track listing has going for it. NONE of the songs are worthy of anything else…BRITNEY isn’t deserving of anything else there. It’s her best effort so far, but I’ve heard dogs howl out better tunes with better tone than Ms. Spears does here. And I’m sorry, but she will ALWAYS be bought by the kids; no adult will buy it if they’re smart! It’s not deep at all; too cheesy! I guess I don’t really hate her….I just pity her. (But I still hate the message she’s sending out to young kids)

    If it ain’t broke, WHY fix it? Granted, I don’t like Boyzone, 5ive, LFO, and who the hell is Willa Ford…… But…… I don’t think I need to go any farther! Max Martin is an INCREDIBLE writer and producer…. He doesn’t just produce pop music…he does all kinds of stuff! You sit here and bash on him, but Britney, NSYNC…wouldn’t be crap without him, and without them, Pink and Christina wouldn’t be where THEY are… (They’d make it around eventually, but they happened to ride in at JUST the right time…Chris and Pink that is…..) If ANYONE needs to take notes from ANYONE, these kids need to be taking notes from Backstreet…seeing how they have the most industry RESPECT and critical praise out of all of the ones you named!

  5. B0rntoplay says:

    Sorry, you did nothing to convince me. Britney’s parents did a fine job. What she does on stage is completely separate from her real life, and that distinction needs to be made. If the parents can’t make that distinction, that’s too bad. And, just because other parents don’t go teach their kids the right things, doesn’t mean it is then a celebrities job to do so. That isn’t how it work, and you are an idiot for thinking so. So what…every time some druggie Mom stops paying attention to her kid, it is then the job of celebrities then have to assume the responsibility of raising a child? That is BS. Listen, if someone is a bad parent, then it is their fault that they raised bad kids. And yes, parenting IS hard. But if you choose to get pregnant, then deal with it. It was your choice. What you are promoting is people ignoring their own responsibilities and placing them on others. Furthermore, you are supporting those loser parents who use Britney(as well as other celebrities) as scapegoats for their lack of responsibility. And you’re whole screening process…well, let hope for your sake it will never be implemented, because with statements like the ones you just wrote, you will never get a kid. We don’t need any more losers avoiding responsibility. We need parents and those who can own up to the job, however difficult it may be.

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Open your eyes and mind please….before you EVEN think about going round and round with me…… I’ve said NOTHING to convince you? REALLY……then you are more close minded than I thought….. It is so obvious that you’ve never taken the time to get to know me, cause if you had, you’d have left out the whole “lets hope the screening thing doesn’t happen, cause if it did, you’d be childless BS….” I’m the FIRST one who would get one, because unlike some people, I CAN take responsibility for my actions. I not only can talk the talk, but I can walk the walk! I think certain things need to be done, and I would NEVER say they need to be done if I couldn’t do that for myself and my own kids. You’re seriously delusional if you are gonna sit there and say that I’m a bad person or would make a bad parent…..seeing that you have NO idea about me or what I stand for besides knocking Britney out…… I’m not saying parents SHOULDN’T step up and do their jobs…’re obviously NOT reading what I’m saying without your ever present blinders…. BUT, when this world is in such a state, celebrities of ANY caliber need to stand up and do the RIGHT thing. Gals like Britney, Christina, Pink, Avril…they ALL make it difficult to raise kids cause they either wanna dress in skank, or be bad ass punk…. Why can’t people look up to people like Faith Hill or Celine Dion….they dress sexy yet still let their morals and good personality shine through. When you know you have millions of young kids looking up to you, you have a responsibility to those kids to do them right….to give them something WORTH looking up to, and not something the world detests! And you sure as hell shouldn’t go around spouting off things like “I don’t care what anyone says, I’m gonna do whatever I want cause I can, and if they tell me no, then I’ll make SURE I do it….” That is the WAY WRONG message to send to kids, cause now, young kids are going to mouth off to their parents. What do you suggest these parents do when their kids are mouthing off and dressing in skank? Spank them? I do….but the government doesn’t…they’ve all but outlawed spankings. Parents are AFRAID to discipline their kids today. So even those parents that WANT to do a good job can’t always do so…. SO WHY IN GOD’S NAME WOULD ANYONE WANT TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE FOR THEM? Oh, and Britney’s parents did a TERRIBLE job of raising her…she goes on TV, kisses another woman to sell her record, dresses like a prostitute (actually worse, I’ve seen actual working girls who looked classier than her), goes off at the mouth that NO ONE is going to tell HER what to do….. And they’ve let it happen since she came out…. And if they did such a “FINE” job raising her, why is she such a snooty bitch? ARROGANCE wouldn’t even be an issue had Jamie and Lynne done THEIR jobs!

    Yeah, I’m 14 years old…but don’t tell the people at the bar…they did serve me one STRONG long island tonight that would make even the biggest alcoholics of the world buzz….. And don’t, WHATEVER YOU DO, don’t tell those people at the casino I was at last night that I’m only 14…they served me so much beer, OMG…. Oh, and those Aussie dancers….All that bare ass that I saw….OMG….. Please don’t tell, I don’t want to get into trouble…… What will Baker University do when THEY find out….Lord, please don’t let them throw me out…I’m only two years away from having my degree in vocal performance and music education….. Stallion, you are the lamest cat on the block….. The only 14 year old on here is YOU…and we can tell because of your lame and lousy attempts at insults….. God, I WISH I was 14 again…..what I wouldn’t give…. To have minimal homework that I don’t even have to do to get a 4.0….to be able to NOT go to work during the summer and winter vacations from school….to not have to wonder where I’ll be living and working in 2 years when I get out of COLLEGE….to not have to worry about ANYTHING cause my parents would take care of it all…… Oh, and you are lame for even bringing the Backstreet Boys INTO this.

  7. B0rntoplay says:

    What do I suggest parents do when kids are mouthing off and dressing in skank? Let’s see…first, you ground them. My parents did not ONCE touch me growing up. When I did something bad, I was grounded. I am now 19, and have never touched drugs, alcohol, committed a crime, etc. In fact, the last time I was grounded was at 14, when I bleached my hair without permission. Let me just say that one month without going out and no allowance taught me my lesson. Not only did I never do something like that again, but I never did anything else to warrant punishment. They stuck by their punishment, and I realized I need to do what was right. When I was grounded, my parents did not budge. I soon learned that I needed to behave correctly. It wasn’t that hard for me to see that I needed to behave, and if parents stick to their punishments, I don’t see why it would be hard for other kids to see that they need to behave also. Kids are perfectly capable of responding positively to punishment, it just takes good parenting. Then in regard to dressing skank. How about not buying your kids clothes like that, or no longer giving money to buy stuff like that. Listen, all I say is based off what my parents did. And I don’t think they are the only people capable of such parenting. They both worked full-time, and still managed to make sure we were good kids growing up. So if they can do it, I really believe others can too. Therefore, the whole scapegoat argument bothers me. Growing up there was just as many bad influences, but my parents were able to make sure I distinguished between what was reality and what was not. And about celebrities having to stand up and do the right thing when the world is in such a state. Well, it isn’t their fault that we have problems in this world, and therefore I don’t think they should be forced to change who they are to accommodate. When these superstars say no one should tell them what to do, I think they are referencing the media, not their family. And again, parents need to step in and explain. These superstars DO have influence, I agree. But they are here to entertain, not raise a country full of kids. They entertain and the parents raise their kids.

  8. breez says:

    The fact still remains that the CD is full of pointless, soulless, meaningless, shallow songs. But, that’s all Britney’s ever been about. So we can’t be disappointed!

  9. B0rntoplay says:

    Read this, and then let us know what your foot tastes like as you stick it in your mouth. musichomme writes “Would it be great if we can measure talent with a weighing machine? One bushel of talent is equals to five years in the music industry? But somehow, Christina Aguilera seems to be able do so. She can accurately point out that Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles are lesser. After all, who are we to disagree with great Christina Aguilera.. She’s not fake, come on. She’s the same ghetto-speaking, double “r” spelling ‘Dirrty’ girl that she has always been. She would never sing about embarrassing things like Genies! ‘Beautiful’ is the world’s first ever self-affirming ballad. ‘Fighter’ is the world’s first and only rock anthem/ heart break song. ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ is the world’s first feminist song. Never before an inspirational song before ‘A Voice Within’. Christina is the alpha and omega. Man, she is IT. And come on, she writes EVERYTHING. Not co-write like all the other embarrassingly talentless, fake artist. Let’s proclaim Aguilera to be the female Beatle all packed in one. Oh wait, let me check with her to see if she thinks The Beatles are fake.”

  10. hellahooked says:

    I really love this album. I do think it is one of her best albums to date (although I still love ‘Britney’), it’s so amazing. ‘Toxic’ ‘Brave New Girl’ and ‘Touch Of My Hand’ are the best tracks on there! I so can’t wait to get my hands on this CD, woo!

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