Britney Spears Bawls Out Jamie Lynn’s ‘Zoey 101’ Co-Star

stormed the set of little sister Jamie Lynn Spears’ Nickelodeon show, ‘Zoey 101’, last week and screamed at her co-star Alexa Nikolas, who had been feuding with Jamie Lynn, leaving the 13-year-old in tears. “Britney had the talent coordinator bring [co-star] Alexa Nikolas over to Jamie Lynn’s trailer,” a source revealed, “where she proceeded to scream that Alexa was an ‘evil little girl,’ and that she had better watch herself or she ‘will never work in this town again!'”

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9 thoughts on “Britney Spears Bawls Out Jamie Lynn’s ‘Zoey 101’ Co-Star

  1. rangergirl says:

    So much for Kabbalah spirituality. She has some nerve to tell a little girl that “she’ll never work in this town again. Britney can’t sing nor act she was a marketing gimmick from the get -go and nothing more. What a Witch.

  2. OriginalNicknameHere says:

    And Britney plans on stopping this girl from working in Hollywood how exactly…hahaha, she thinks she has so much power. She really needs to get over herself.

  3. astrange1 says:

    It’s bad enough that Britney had to stick her nose in some teenybopper argument, but who the f*ck is Jamie Lynn to go acting diva? Britney may be a no-talent but at least she’s a no-talent who made some people a lot of money. Jamie Lynn is a younger version of Haylie Duff – acquiring stardom by being photographed next to her sibling. Fire the little b*tch and see if SHE ever works again.

  4. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    it’s kinda funny. ‘you’re an evil little girl’ lmmfao…i’ve never seen Britney act’, ‘the part of an angry I can’t picture it…. that scene in ‘crossroads’ was poorly portrayed. she didn’t ‘brrrinnnng it’.

    well, what are big sisters for?..a kid is picking on or feuding with your younger sibling, you do not stand back and let them. you confront the kid. now, as much as I love the ‘evil little girl’ comment, HILARIOUS, there is a certain way to go about having this confrontation…and being an ass isn’t the best way. unless the child got rude..then SMACK..haha. no, but yea, I’d pull her ass up. ‘what? little b*tch talking to me?? giving me mouth??? … not today you wicked little [muy muy expletives w/ some big words to throw her off guard]’..n so on n so on..yep.

  5. Starlet01 says:

    Britney Is A DAMN FOOL & Knows Nothing About Dealing With Children!!!’, ‘This is a perfect example of the lack of parenting skills Britney has. You never confront a 13 year old child with threats. Even if the little girl was being a bit of a brat towards Jamie Lynn, you don’t take on your sister’s problem in that manner. The problem isn’t between Britney & the 13 year old child, it’s between Jamie Lynn & Alexa. Britney should of had Jamie Lynn & Alexa talk things out & figure out a solution. She should of encourage Jamie Lynn to deal with her problems head on, along with her support. She should made Jamie Lynn have a one on one sit down with her co-star. Remember Jamie Lynn is the one that has to see this girl around all the time, while during the taping of her Zoe 101 show. If this is how Britney deals with a 13 year old child, then I worry to think how she’s going to handle having to raise her baby mostly by her self. We all know how lazy & selfish Kevin is.

  6. texassoftballchick says:

    Buttney should be beaten to death’, ‘Even while she is preggo, we have to keep hearing about this washed-up hoebag. I am hereby proposing a Hurricane Relief Fund Raiser! For every $10 dollars you donate, you get to hit Britney with a baseball bat. For an extra $10, you can kick in her fat ugly face.

  7. Starlet01 says:

    None of us know her personally, surprise, surprise … >’, ‘Examples of Britney’s terrible decision making skills, maybe a reflection of her poor parenting skills … 1. – To let your husband smoke around you throughout the whole pregnancy does not show good parenting skills. 2. – To let your husband drive you around in his tiny Ferrari while you are 8 months pregnant, is down right a stupid decision. 3. – To constantly be running up & down, when you should be resting up prior to your due date is down right dumb. 4. – To be seen on a regular bases pigging out on fast food & Starbuck’s drinks, show a lack of concern for her & the baby’s health. 5. – To tell her husband not to visit his son on his 1st. birthday is a poor example of putting someone else first. In this situation Kaleb should of came first, not Britney’s insecurities & guilt trip. 6. – To tell off a 13-year-old child & threaten to end her budding career, is so wrong on so many levels. And to have your yelling cause the child to break down crying is just wrong. (And I’m sure there are more examples that I haven’t mention)

  8. mmh858 says:

    Okay…’, ‘If you don’t like her so much why follow her so well? This is sad! Yeah I’m a Britney fan but ya know I never said she would or wouldn’t make a good mother, I don’t know her so how can I make that judgement? Yeah I can’t. I think it is very childish to talk like that about some one period but when you don’t even know the person it is pathetic.

  9. fandango says:

    I find this story somewhat believable. It’s possible that the ‘never work in this town again’ phrase was reworked, but can see Britney pulling a psycho power trip. She has an ego that she tries to hide, but it occasionally shows up. What Britney doesn’t realize is – she’s on the Anna Nicole level now – a has been joke. Her threat means NOTHING in Hollywood – everyone is having a good laugh about her. I also think that J-Lynn is a complete and utter ***** ***** for her age,and thinks she is something big because of her sister. J-Lynn also has a huge ego – I believe bigger than Britney’s. She’ll probably end up into drugs later when she doesn’t make the cut and Britney can’t help anymore. The Spears sisters were born in the backwoods south so Alexa should feel lucky they didn’t simply beat her up and spit on her afterwards.

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