Britney Spears Beats The Odds

2005 marks Britney Spears’ eighth year in the spotlight. It’s incredible to see that she made it. Month after month more people seemed to claim that she was out, her career would fail in the matter of days. By the time her 2nd album came out she was already dubbed the Debbie Gibson of the decade. It amazes me how she can face so much criticism every single day yet she remains so grounded, so sane. I would say 90% of people would buckle in her situation yet she keeps moving on. While she may not be the most talented, she entertains the masses with what she’s got and I truly believe she deserves to be here. The thing is people don’t realize that she is human. Everyone makes mistakes but she is under such a microscope that most think its ok to criticize her which is ridiculous considering I know many people would be terrified to take the stage the way she does. So I say kudos to Brit and I wish her luck with her ‘Original Doll’ album.

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