Britney Spears Begging Justin Timberlake To Take Her Back

The Sunday People reports has been making tearful phone calls to begging him to get back with her. A source told the British tabloid, “Every time Justin talks to her on the phone it degenerates into tears and arguments. The problem is Britney thinks the solution is quite easy. She wants to get back together but I think Justin feels it is a bit more serious than just picking up where they left off.”

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5 thoughts on “Britney Spears Begging Justin Timberlake To Take Her Back

  1. ckj says:

    It’s ok Britney! He will be back, in reality no one can just throw away a 3year relationship. I hope Justin does get his act together and be a bit more mature about the situation he owes her more then what he is giving right now. I hope they can work this out…I wish nothing but the best for them…God Bless!

  2. EndIsNear says:

    Good Lord, somebody stop that Timberlake now!
    Somebody MUST put an end to that homo PR stunts!Justin is a homo,how in the hell Britney want to go back with a notorious homo?
    Never in a billion years she will beg him to bring her back, first because this is ALL FAKE and they never broke up, it’s a publicity stunt, and second Britney could have all the men in the world, so why she would beg an ugly horrible monster like Timberlake?
    Timberlake has lost his mind, he wish that a woman begs for him, he’s the cancer of music and he must be stopped now, we can’t hear his bull anymore.

  3. jenna says:

    Hey they where young and in love now they have moved. Like the rest of you should. So there not together anymore whats the big deal? Now they can go out and meet other people and have fun with out worrying about each other. And all that crap about the whole 3 yrs deal, so what! Think about how much time did they spend together over those years. Hey they both have crazy lives so there’s no way it will ever work out. Personally I happy for them both and hope they can still be friends.

  4. jenna says:

    Hey I totally believe the Britney Begging story. Have you seen Justin with that dancer from the Grammys? They have been hitting clubs together all over the west coast. And now even in NY!

  5. BlackQueen says:

    You are bitter beyond reasonable thinking..What the hell is wrong with you…You keep insisting that Justin is gay….Are you saying that so it’ll ease your mind to know that he’s just like you..Well Justin must be gay, cause we all know Britney likes to take it up the a$$, that’s why she’s still technically a virgin (pure bull)……Face facts idiot, Justin Timberlake can get any piece of ***** he wants, simply because he’s Justin Timberlake..He has money, and he looks good…..You just to bitter and quite disturbing…..Please don’t stalk anybody, I don’t wanna hear about you on ET.

    You know all this stuff about beggin and spotting this person and that person here and there in clubs is a bunch of bull*****. To sell more magazines, and for you to watch more television tabloid shows, to boost ratings…..Come on…And people do through away 3 year relationships…Some people through 25 year relationships (look at the divorce rate)…My point is…who cares……I don’t hope the best for them or the worse..I don’t know them, so it doesn’t concern me…There is more important things in the world to ponder about..(The war in The Middle East)

    Banter…that’s all it is.

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