Britney Spears Begs Parents Not To Divorce

Globe magazine reports is devastated over her parents plans to end their 30 year marriage. Britney sobbed to pals, “I can’t do this” as she considered cancelling the May 24th launch of her new tour. “My world is falling apart,” she explained. Britney had called home to Kentwood after her dad Jamie walked out of the family’s $4.5 million mansion. “She cried like a baby on the phone, telling each parent in turn that they belong together.”

Unfortunately, her plea to both was unsuccessful as they told her, “Our marriage is over.”

Britney was able to convince both sides to call a temporary truce and join her in Las Vegas.

Pals say Britney blames her own fame that led to the devision between the couple. “She believes her fame put too big of a strain on the marriage.”

The effect of Britney’s stress over not only her parent’s split, but her own split with star has caused her to bury her sorrow in food, where she’s packed on 10 pounds. “Britney’s way of coping with stress is to head to the dessert cart,” said a pal.

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One thought on “Britney Spears Begs Parents Not To Divorce

  1. Mia says:

    This article is bs.shes said she was relieved they divorced.

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