Britney Spears, Bennifer Year’s Most Boring Celebs

Contributed by babyphat67:

The Boring Institute recently published their annual list of boring celebrities on their website placed number three on the list, with the website claiming that she is now competing with to be the Queen of Sleaze. and Ben Affleck placed number seven, reason being they are too famous for their own good. Ruben Studdard, Kobe Bryant, and Arnold Schwarzenegger also made the list.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears, Bennifer Year’s Most Boring Celebs

  1. rachel says:

    Duh she is, she has been doing the same robotic dance steps for 5 years. And her fans are so dumb they don’t see it!

  2. HahaIamNotHere says:

    “Too Famous for their own good”? LOL How about being rated boring because they really ARE Or maybe because they both lack any talent… I would love to see Ben w/o his wig though, and J-Ho could follow suit by letting her hair grow its natural color since she is such a “proud Latina from the Bronx” Now THAT would be muy interesante ;-)

  3. dyin2bfamous says:

    Where is Britney, she’s been quite lately. I know we just saw pics of her & her (possible) new guy. But we haven’t had any real Britney news lately. Just a lot of essays and stuff from old interviews. I’ve never been a Brit fan but I’m starting to cross over. Her new CD is really good. I also agree with Life, We all have bad days but heinous bitch I don’t see in Britney.

  4. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Same old cheesy songs Same old dance steps Same old moans Same old ugly face Same old muscular body Same old publicity stunts Same old plastic surgeries Same old outfits Same old hair style I agree this WHORE is so BORING! The only thing that she changed was when she took the implants out of her tits.

  5. Hotstar says:

    To the Christina fans, you whores are just jealous cause Tina couldn’t even make this list. Whatever……. just more attention for the reigning princess of pop

  6. outrageous4u says:

    Britney is everywhere in the media so how could she be boring??? people are retarded

    You idiots have been saying that for years and she is still successful so give it a rest and get a life

  7. dum_BLONDE says:

    If Britney is one of “the most boring celebs” then why is she one of the most photographed and sought after entertainers in the world? If she’s so boring, then why is she *constantly* making headlines for simply going shopping or buying a latte? The girl can’t go a day without being in the press, and that hardly qualifies her as being ‘boring’. If acting like a normal, everyday 22 year old makes Britney “boring”, then y’all are messed up.

  8. JMAX says:

    These people were in the news more than any other celebrities this year. Obviously the thousands people writing the stories, and the millions of people reading them don’t think they’re boring.

  9. Carrie says:

    Britney is overrated. Her only traits are 1) she’s beautiful (so are many other females in this world) and 2) great performer. Outside of that, I don’t see the appeal. Bennifer – Ben is a total ass and Jennifer has tremendously downgraded herself by sticking to a man that is continuously dissing her. The latest shocker, she’s boring in bed. How low can these two fools go. Please break up already.

  10. syahirah_s says:

    “One can always count on Hollywood, the world of sports, and politics for celebrities who, for whatever reason, EXPERIENCE MAJOR MEDIA OVER-EXPOSURE,” says Alan Caruba, the list’s creator. “And too much media coverage quickly becomes boring.” this I took from the boring website ya…. Alright that basically explains why Bennifer, Britney is on the list.. and Kobe tops them all.. yup, we see them on magazines n papers all over the world all the time (I’m in Asia by the way), even when doing normal things like drinking coffee at Starbucks, shopping, hanging out.. so who’s fault is it they made it to the list?.. the media still.. just give them a break (I’m not sure about Kobe though since he supposedly got involved in a crime).. the media should go give a fair chance to expose all artistes.. I’m into Britney but hey, I’d still prefer fair chances anytime though.. phew lucky my fave couple (Ryan n Reese) are not featured on newspapers every day though I’d love to read more about them, hehe.

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