Britney Spears Bombarded With Urine In LA Video Shoot

News of the World is reporting that during ’ filming for the video ‘Overprotected’, the singer angered local residents with the 4 a.m. shoot, they fired back by pouring buckets of urine on the pop princess. Britney then fled for cover in a nearby trailer and filming was abandoned shortly afterwards.

A resident told the paper, “Sure, I opened the window and yelled shut-up – but I would never have done such a vile thing.”

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2 thoughts on “Britney Spears Bombarded With Urine In LA Video Shoot

  1. PrincessBizarre says:

    Ew…where did all the urine come from?

  2. psychomatic says:

    Don’t blame Britney’s trashiness on Justin. Grant it, I think the dude is a punk-ass pansy, but Britney WAS a slut, and apparently will continue to be a slut!

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