Britney Spears Book To Tell All

The Daily Star reports is reportedly set to reveal all about her life and lovers in a “love, lust and sadness” tell-all autobiography. “This will be the book of 2004 and Britney is currently in talks about who will ghost write it with her,” a source revealed. “There are so many things she’ll include, it’s bound to be a bestseller.”

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Book To Tell All

  1. outrageous4u says:

    I don’t think this is true-wasn’t Justin supposed to write a book?? if she does write a book it will be huge!

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    All her ‘books’ were huge flops. The last time I went to a used books store I saw her books collecting a lot of dust. Britney, sweetie we all know that you are desperate to increase your album sales and you can’t get enough of Justin. So why don’t you just f**k off, you pathetic loser. Accept the f**king reality and go away. Find Bin Laden’s cave and go marry the bastard.

  3. dazeme11531 says:

    If it’s true…..this should get interesting…but I luv how when there was a story about Justin writing a book and giving details about the break up, he got flack n now Britney is writing a WHOLE book on brake ups, you people support it… don’t make sense.

  4. CMB says:

    I doubt it’s true, but I’ll read it. Maybe it’ll be written in crayon… just kidding… Sounds made up.

  5. outrageous4u says:

    flop and Britney are 2 words that……………………..’, ‘shouldn’t be used together-all 4 of her albums have opened at number 1 so that counts them out at being flops. if you aren’t a fan of Britney that’s fine but to call her a flop is just stupid -and why do you have to be such a negative person that you would log onto this website and say negative comments about someone you “supposedly” don’t like-u have too much time on your hands

    you are obviously a teenybopper-and her album is….’, ‘selling extremely well and I doubt Britney is too concerned with increasing the sales -her album has sold 2.1 million in the u.s. alone so I’m sure that makes her content. and besides, true fans aren’t that concerned with sales, the disc is amazing and that’s all that really matters to us and to Britney

  6. JLOVER101 says:

    This coming from the fanbase that considers sales the only’, ‘measure of success, because given what you just said then Christina has kicked Britney’s a$$ because there is no way in hell that the music on “In the Zone” is better than “Stripped”

  7. outrageous4u says:

    i MUCH prefer ITZ over stripped-xtinas voice hurts my head after 2 songs-and its only your opinion that stripped is better just like I prefer ITZ. and trust me, sales do not matter to all of Britney’s fans(some maybe but that’s true for any artist) the ones with half a brain know that quality is better than quantity-especially when this is Britney’s best to date -and if you aren’t a fan why are you so interested in Britney’s articles?

  8. JLOVER101 says:

    for the 15th time. I’m not a “fan” but I also don’t “hate” her,’, ‘I actually used to like her when she came out. I’m very objective when it comes to this stuff, but my boyfriend is a very big fan of hers and for that reason I’ve been forced to listen to ITZ more than enough times, and quite honestly the only songs from it that I like are Breathe on Me and Touch of my Hand, Lyrically speaking Stripped was a whole lot better, and Christina showcased different styles of music that were still suitable to her voice, Britney tried doing different types of music that just proved that she isn’t very versatile.

  9. outrageous4u says:

    only songs off stripped I like are beautiful and fighter -i think a lot of it sound like everything else out there right now -that’s why I dig Britney because its very different from all that r&b, rock/pop, rap crap out there right now-I’m glad someone is doing dance music right now -and you are correct touch of my hand and BOM are both awesome but toxic and early mornin’ are wicked!

  10. JLOVER101 says:

    See I honestly think that Brit’s music is “fun” but on this CD she failed to get that across to me at least. I don’t think Toxic is a good song, early mornin’ is alright, Boom Boom is terrible, MATM I won’t even go there, Everytime was the obligatory ballad, and everything else is average, like I said except for BOM and TOMH. On Christina’s album, it wasn’t about fun it was about getting emotionally stripped and that’s exactly what I got from it. Walk Away is easily the best song on that album.

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