Britney Spears ‘Britney’ Review

Britney Spears 'Britney' album cover

“If you ain’t enjoying yourself in a party, don’t spoil it for others” should be the philosophy for music critics who are ever keen on the possible dethronement of as the princess of pop. None of her fans are looking for Confucian wisdom or Tennesse William’s intensity in Britney’s music, but just something fun, comtemporary and easy to relate to. It is true that Spears is no Aretha Franklin or Etta James, but she is definitely sensual and sultry in her own ways. “Britney” has more than meets the eyes, from the thumping ‘Over-Protected” to the white soul “Not a girl..” While she’s breaking her seams (no pun intended) with coming of age songs, the little girl Britney is still evident, such as the care free frolics of “Anticipating” “Britney” is a fun album with some moments of flirty sexuality (I am a slave for you) and unexpected anger (Lonely). it is also the album where Britney particpated more actively in the song-writing process. Not everyone wants to listen to songs about how f##ked up life is, many of us are actually living that reality When we have a pretty girl, singing and dancing for us, it makes life a little more digestible. So, be a gentleman and leave quietly, the rest of us are still having a good time, listening to a little fantasy called Britney Spears.

Added: July 17th 2002
Reviewer: Joe Nobody

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