Britney Spears Broke Fred Durst’s Heart

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst opened up to Victoria Newton of The Sun telling her that “broke my heart” and added that star Justin Timberlake “freaked” upon learning of their romance. Fred explained, “I was pretty upset when me and Britney ended. Was my heart broken? Yes. Things were getting out of control and Justin was calling her and freaking out. He had never seen her with another guy before. I have run into him a couple of times since then but nothing was said about Britney.” Fred added that “the aftermath was the ridiculous part.” Fred also denied a romance with former Spice Girl and talked about an unsuccessful attempt to woo actress Angelina Jolie.

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16 thoughts on “Britney Spears Broke Fred Durst’s Heart

  1. Stallion says:

    I doubt this is true Fred Durst was at the N’sync after party.

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    Fred is pathetic if hes still talking about this. my goodness….get the hell over it already. he just gets these celeb crushes and when they don’t really happen, he gets all jack ass y. loser!

  3. babet says:

    right…like he would just walk up to a TABLOID reporter and start some more sh** again…… I highly doubt this happened.

  4. bella89 says:

    They should date each other, they’re both taking every chance they can to get publicity.

  5. Hell6 says:

    LOL!!! Keep dreaming Fred a.k.a. wannabe Talk Gossip SHOWer… This is actually hilarious, um… doesn’t he have like a friend that could tell him to go to therapy, he really needs HELP!!! Media Scrub PIMP girlie piece of Sh** = Fred Dirt Britney Spears is the Best performer ever.

  6. breez says:

    this is fake. Fred doesn’t talk about Britney anymore.

  7. grace_04 says:

    OH PHULEEZ! Fred should just leave Britney alone and stop talking ***** because they never happened and they never will. I’m so tired of gossip about Britney and especially this one.

  8. justincaseyestwo says:

    Whatever happened for this short period of time, FRED DURST AND BRITNEY SPEARS WENT ON A VERY ROMANTIC VACATION TOGETHER. They both talked about it at different times and described the EXACT SAME LOCATION, WAY OF GETTING THERE, PLACE THEY STAYED, SAME PERIOD OF TIME, AND HOW WONDERFUL THIS VACATION WAS. I always will believe they they had a thing going even if it was short-lived. Don’t tell me that any of you did not at one time or another get it on with someone (and had a spectacular time) but then realized that this was not a good fit and then tried to reverse things so people would think it never happened. Come on people. Think back on the people you went out with. We’ve all done it. And if some of you are so young that you haven’t done it, TRUST ME, you will!

  9. breez says:

    hey I remember when Fred talked about that vacation on his website…but when did Britney?

  10. justincaseyestwo says:

    It was about the same time during one of her many interviews. I heard him talk about it live. Not just on his website. When they talked about it I don’t think they knew the other was talking about it. But they both described the EXACT SAME VACATION. Even some of the stuff they loved about it was the exact same thing.

  11. WhateverBiatch says:

    Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred …….. what can I say .. I can’t hate on you for trying.. Angelina Jolie’s …supa fine ..but get off of Britney’s N*** .. I know she fine n all but damn …i don’t think she wants that Dome

  12. GetOverIt says:

    I can’t believe this guy…seriously….he states that he had a “romance” with Britney for like two weeks. Fred you need to GET OVER IT.

  13. PopDiva says:

    I’m not sure that Fred spoke to a tabloid, but I do believe that he slept with B.S. I mean who are you going to believe Fred or her, a woman that lies for a living? If it’s not true though, it still serves her right. Tell the true of keep your mouth shut. Hey, you never know, maybe the true will come out next year, when her NEXT album is released. Sounds like a plan to me.

  14. CARPEDIEM says:

    If this is true. I don’t think Fred cared for Britney, as much as he would like us to think. Britney is really really screwed up but Fred is just trying to ***** with her now. He spent a week and a half maybe 2 weeks with this girl months ago, get over it. She must really be the best thing that ever happened to him. Fred is acting like a little girl.

  15. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Um, right…He denied having sex with her in his RS interview, he said he was just saying that cause he was pissed after she ‘dissed’ him on TRL… He’s 30 something years old and still acts like a 6th grader…pathetic.

  16. dyin2bfamous says:

    Well, my opinion is Fred Durst is a weak ass individual. He just wants to be known for doing Britney Spears. All that crap he was telling Access Hollywood and TRL, talking about she has a great ass. What was that he said about feeling sorry for Justin because he loves her and she’s going from guy to guy. None of that should have been said, he could have just said it didn’t work out and left it alone. Britney was wrong too, she said nothing happened and denied knowing him. All she had to say was it didn’t work out or they hung out a little bit but it wasn’t serious, just don’t deny knowing the fat bastard. Fred came out looking worse than Britney. So she has sex, we all do. Fred came off looking really weak for a hard core rocker. He’s the laughing stock of Hollywood right now. Like her or not Britney is still the person everybody is watching. She can’t walk down the street without being photographed. That’s not her being a media whore, that the media whoring her celebrity status. I’m not a Britney fan but I’m not a Britney hater either. I feel like I can relate to her a little better now, at least she’s not trying to be that perfect little pop princess anymore.

    She still comes across way too ditzy.

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