Britney Spears Can In Fact Sing Without Playback

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Here’s the MP3 of Britney Spears’ great hit ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’ live from Albany during her Within A Dream Tour. This is your chance to hear Britney singing live, without playback or any computer help. I hope that all Britney haters, who love to call her untalented because she lip-syncs most of her songs, take some time to listen to this. It’s really worth it. I decided to post it because I am really sick of hearing most of you bashing Britney saying she can’t sing live without even hearing her doing so. Well she can sing live. Really well I must say. But I don’t expect all of you to like it. I just wanted you guys know that Britney has a nice voice. If you listen to it and still don’t like it, then I’ll be quiet and respect your opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Britney Spears Can In Fact Sing Without Playback

  1. fff says:

    ever heard of a live-playback before?

  2. DUBS says:

    you need to shut your ugly behind up. Britney can sing and that’s a wrap

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