Britney Spears’ Chaotic: Can She Handle Her Truth?

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After seeing one episode of Britney Spears’ Chaotic, and then seeing the commercials in which she says “Can you handle my truth?” it makes me laugh. First of all, why does Britney always act as if there really is some truth to what she reveals to us in a letter or to this TV show? All she has shown us is that she loves to have sex with Kevin Federline, drinks, smokes, has lots of fun, acts goofy, sometimes acts like a retard, and is completely a normal person. We already know all that stuff. There’s nothing that we don’t know already. It starts to make me wonder if Britney can handle her truth, which are these:

Truth #1: That she’s not really interesting and showing mind-blowing, shocking material as she thinks she is. Her smoking, drinking, and talking about sex is nothing new, and no, it’s not shocking anymore. The only thing that’s shocking is the fact that she seems so clueless about Kevin and about their relationship in general.

Truth #2: That she seems to hide the fact that Kevin doesn’t believe in marriage, has had 2 kids with another woman, and pretty much uses her for money. It’s just sad that Britney, at this point of her marriage, is saying that her and Kevin weren’t too sure about each other, that Kevin turned her down at first when they she proposed, and that the only thing that’s good about their marriage is the baby. And the saddest thing is that Britney acts as if there is no problem while the whole world can see it! Making a show that’s pretty much produced and edited by you is not going to fool anybody.

Truth #3: That the people around her don’t seem to give a crap about the fact that Kevin is just not right for her. You would think that her people would tell Britney that Kevin is not completely honest and loyal, based on his past relationship, and would at least warn her or say something about it. In her show they don’t mention ANYTHING, the whole show makes it seem as if there’s absolutely nothing standing in their way. You can just tell that they’re trying very hard to make this into some perfect narrative from the time they first met to when they start falling in love, while never mentioning Kevin’s baby’s momma and those kids, and the fact that Britney sure don’t give a crap about Kevin’s background.

Truth #4: That Britney doesn’t really know why she married this guy. You can tell that she has no idea where they are headed, other than the fact that they will raise a family now. Now, I am sorry, but Britney does not have the right mind state to have a kid, she’s too young and way too naive. I hope she has a healthy baby, but I hope she matures from being a mom too. There’s more to being a good mom than just carrying your step kid around in public. You can tell that their whole relationship was too quick and too fast. Obviously Britney wants marriage and a kid badly, but does that mean that you necessarily have to get anybody that you get your hands on? What happened to actually knowing who your husband is before you marry him? And most of all, at least knowing whether or not there is really love in it? From the looks of it, it seems as if they’re still a dating couple than a married couple. They just seem way too awkward and boring in interviews together for people to seriously see them as a happy married couple.

So at the end, the main question is not if we can handle her truth (quite frankly Britney we don’t care, we just like to see you make a fool of yourself), but if Britney can handle HER truth.

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