Britney Spears Chats With ‘Woman’s Hour’ On Radio 4

was on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’ recently to talk about her latest album ‘In The Zone’, hooking up with Madonna on the first single ‘Me Against the Music’ and ‘The Kiss’ at the MTV Video Music Awards, how she always lived in a dreamworld of wanting to be a star one day when growing up, dealing with the whirlwind of sudden fame and the media spotlight, her sexy image and the perceived influence she has on young girls, the questions Britney wouldn’t answer, and more. The 10 1/2 minute interview mixed with song clips has been removed from

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7 thoughts on “Britney Spears Chats With ‘Woman’s Hour’ On Radio 4

  1. EveryoneSucks says:

    the kiss thing is a bajillion years old people. get over it.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    Tell Britney that because she’s still milking it for all it’s worth.

  3. JMAX says:

    No she’s not. She keeps getting asked about it, she wishes everyone would move on too

  4. XtinaFan says:

    Hey did you guys hear the end of the interview. the lady said something like this “If you’re wondering why I didn’t ask Britney about Justin Timberlake, believe me I tried, but her people didn’t let me.” It just proves that Britney isn’t a media whore like Justin. Justin will talk about Brit ANY chance he gets.

    Actually….read more.’, ‘Actually, if you think about it…not at all. A Christina-obsessed Brit fan wouldn’t be brainwashed. Therefore they wouldn’t believe things about other people that aren’t true, just because Christina/Britney said it is true. Since a “brainwashed Justin fan” is BRAINWASHED, they will believe things about other that aren’t true, just because Justin said it is true (like the cheating). So, really. It’s better to be a Christina-obsessed Brit fan than a brainwashed Justin fan.

  5. babet says:

    Britney’s people didn’t want the lady to ask her questions about Justin because they didn’t want Britney to reveal any of her pathetic lies. she’ll just be caught again. we all know you cheated on Justin Britney. there’s no need to say anything. its ok. there’s no need to tell us something we already know.

  6. Brinn says:

    That doesn’t prove she isn’t a media whore. All that does is adds to the idea that she’s a fake – carefully crafting her interviews into what she wants them to be, only answering the questions that she wants. If she wasn’t a media whore, she’s get asked every question, and when she didn’t want to answer, she’d just say she didn’t want to. Not be a wuss and have the question banned because it will make her look bad.

    Listen to the interview if you want to hear Britney say the following words a thousand times: like, totally, retard, you know. Warning, may lower your IQ.

  7. XtinaFan says:

    It’s called brainwashed MTV.’, ‘The whole world also thinks that Justin is a media whore. I’m sure you don’t agree with that, do you? It’s called opinions, babet. It’s also called being brainwashed. If the whole world jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? Probably. You are a brainwashed MTV teenybopper… no hope for you. Go turn on TRL.

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