Britney Spears Chats With Y-100

Y-100 spoke with recently about her new album ‘In The Zone’ and its feel, the big first day sales, her take on all the media attention she gets, her thoughts about doing a jewelry line, the Diane Sawyer interview and her thoughts on crying, what she feels about the child molestation charges, she played some word association (she associated “cigarettes” with “addiction”), and more. Audio for the interview has since been removed from

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Chats With Y-100

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Too bad her new album is flopping terribly and it’s a shame that Hilary Duff’s album is much higher than this slut’s. Her first single flopped worse than her other singles. It’s funny it didn’t reach the top 40 even with Madonna’s help and all the drug revelations.

  2. Jive says:

    Britney Spears is 20 days at number one. She beat her last record which was 19 days! Go Britney!

  3. Xandrew88 says:

    Woo! Go Brit! 4th week and she sold more than 153,000 copies. Stripped’s 3rd week was worst. LOL! And it’s just oen single. Britney didn’t have to rush release a ballad after their first song flopped. GO BRIT!

  4. amusicfanofsoul says:

    She should consider going back to high school. her vocabulary is quite childish and she can’t make a point being serious.

  5. rachel says:

    no because Christina fans unlike y’all are not teenyboppers so we didn’t go out and’, ‘buy her album the first week. Stripped debuted #2 stayed there for 2 weeks, then went to number 3 and then was @ number 4 for a very long time. She didn’t sell 400 but she sold more than 153 in the 3rd week. It was something like 280,000.

  6. rachel says:

    Nope she dumb as hell and I didn’t bother listening to it because judging from ……’, ‘everyone’s comments again she didn’t have anything interesting and intelligent to say.

  7. tazzsgirl says:

    Word association with Britney.(Girl has a IQ of a towel) 1)untalented =Britney 2)Lipsyncing=Britney 3)whore =Britney 4)Slut=Britney its easy any one can play.

  8. Xandrew88 says:

    Wrong dopes. She sold about 98,000 her 3rd week. My friend has the stats. LOL. 153,000 my ass. And 400,000? I said in the US not the world. LOL!

  9. JMAX says:

    LOL! Hey, be nice to tazzsgirl! She doesn’t get much sleep because…’, ‘…she spends all night thinking of new Britney jokes to use the next day. And I, for one, am glad that no matter how stupid, unfunny, and unoriginal they are, she still takes the time to come here and write them each and every day. Thank you, tazzsgirl, for logging on each day and making an absolute fool of yourself.

  10. hellahooked says:

    that was a good interview.. very cute My favourite song of ‘ITZ’ is ‘The Hook Up’ and I would love for Britney to do a clothing line.

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