Britney Spears Child Custody Attorney Wants To Quit

Court documents show Britney Spears’ child custody lawyer, Sorrell Trope, filed a request Wednesday to withdraw from representing the troubled pop tart. “There has been a breakdown in communications between (Spears) and Trope & Trope (law firm) making further representation of her interests impossible,” court documents stated. Trop told People magazine that his decision to stop representing Spears is not his to make. “A lawyer cannot simply withdraw from a case,” he explained. “We will ask the court to relieve us, which will be heard (in court) within a month’s time.” Laura Wasser resigned from Britney’s case in as her first attorney in the child custody case against Kevin Federline, while Britney fired Freid & Goldsman days after that.

So what brought Trope to this point? “They couldn’t reign her in,” a source familiar with the case told Us Weekly. “No one can, and it’s an embarrassment in front of the judge.”

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