Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera And Album Sales

Contributed by Potpot:

It gets pretty annoying right now how some people ridicule for selling millions of copies of her album every time it comes out. Let me tell each one of you why album sales are more important than the, ahem, the Grammys and the opinion of the critics.

First of all, album sales are the ultimate vindication of an artist’s overall individuality and success. It is the viewing people, the common people, that buy an album. In other words, it is the viewing public that judges the artist by buying his or her album, not just a handful of hypocrites that hide under the skirt of being called that “music critic” or “music genius” who pretends to know everything and judges the artist based on his own personal taste.

Come to think of it: Which is more substantial – the will of the millions of people or the opinion of about a hundred individuals who decide whom shall receive that “rotating golden trumpet” known as the Grammy.

It is kinda ironic how some people blast Spears for winning over Christina Aguilera in terms of album sales claiming that Spears relies so much in publicity to sell her albums. Its a free country. Why doesn’t Christina’s label market ‘Stripped’ the way ‘Oops!’ was marketed if they want to sell that much? Besides, the fact remains that Christina’s songs are heard on all radio stations more often compared to Britney’s songs, yet Spears continues to sell more albums.

So don’t belittle album sales. The number of albums sold by an artist reflect the amount of trust people have on that artist. So now let’s see who the common people would want to hear on their CD players…

Britney’s first album: ‘Baby One More Time’ sold 26 million copies worldwide against all of Christina’s album to date: ‘Christina Aguilera’ (1999 – 12 million worldwide) ‘Mi Riflejo’ (2000 – 4 million copies worldwide) ‘My Kind of Christmas’ (2000 – 3 million copies worldwide) ‘Stripped’ (2002 – 7 million copies worldwide)

Spears debut album even sold more than all of Aguilera’s combined. How about including the numbers for ‘Oops!’, ‘Britney’ and ‘In The Zone’? We might see a North pole-South pole gap!

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13 thoughts on “Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera And Album Sales

  1. JnChrisFan1 says:


  2. Maddfan says:

    Here we go again. I love Britney to death and all but If I see someone (Britney’s other fans) bringing Christina down, I feel like killing that someone you know. 54 million, what a great sales! But only 1 #1 single? That is BOMT right? 28 million, another great one! And 6 #1’s??? That’s so impressive!!! Y’all need to shut up and stop comparing the two because in the end, both girls are only gonna laugh at you dumbass comments. That is for the people who think their comments do count. Pathetic.

  3. Carrie says:

    If Britney albums sales are more than Christina’s, it’s only because how she promotes herself not because of her voice. She’s been on every mag. lately and involved in all kinds of gossip in the tabloids. People are more into this stuff than real artist who are talented. Christina doesn’t give a flying fu** about showing herself off like Britney. She lets her voice speak for itself.

  4. JnChrisFan1 says:

    very true, Britney’s people market her very well, you don’t really see Christina on every cover on every station and every tabloid and all that stuff cause she really doesn’t market herself like that and your right she lets her voice speak for herself

  5. webanging says:

    If you thought Christina was a jealous ho before watch out cause it’s only going to get worse. Britney’s huge first week sales are going to drive her over the edge. She can’t handle that she’s always second to Britney and that is very apparent in all her constant Britney complaining. Christina tries and tries harder than anyone else to get attention but Britney gets it so effortlessly. This puts Christina into a jealous rage. Britney just has that something that people are drawn to and keep wanted more of. Not so with Christina.

  6. Carrie says:

    I’ve been wondering for awhile what is it that people are drawn to besides the fact that she is a pretty face with a nice bod. I just don’t see anything special with her after she turned into the new womanly Britney. I thought her initial girl image was what was so cute about her and that’s long gone. My opinion – nothing special. There are plenty of beautiful women like her in Hollywood and they are not overrated. She’d be perfect as a call girl or a stripper for that matter.

  7. sugarberrie says:

    I totally agree. I don’t see why people always have to make comparisons with the two. they have different types of music (sort of anyway) so there’s no use in comparing. just let it be. there are more important things then whether or not Britney’s album sales really means she’s a better artist. and now to end off by contradicting myself, Christina’s ‘stripped’ was much better than any albums released by ‘Britney’. I’m a fan of both, but Christina has the voice.

  8. JMAX says:

    Very nice, potpot! To the people who say Britney sells more because of publicity, that’s not completely true. It helps, but people don’t buy albums just because the artist is sexy and controversial. If they only thought she was sexy, they would buy the magazines, videos, posters, but not the music. People aren’t buying the album if it sucks, no matter how “hot” the girl is. Besides, Christina gets plenty of publicity. She strips her clothes off the same way Britney does, she uses controversy to get attention, she kissed Madonna. Everyone around the world knows who Christina is. So you can’t say Britney sells more because she gets more publicity and is well known. You can say Britney’s music has no substance, but the 600k people who bought her album last week would disagree. And Britney and Christina both have a wide audience (young and old – not just 12 year old girls), so that argument isn’t going to work either.

    One more thing… Christina has a great voice, no one is going to deny that. But vocal talent isn’t as important as the songs themselves (as Madonna and many others have proved). Xtina’s voice is great, but the music isn’t that good. Britney’s voice isn’t that good, but the music is great.

  9. myhead says:

    While you make some good points. I have to differ. For myself Album Sales is not the end all of everything. This is not about Britney but my viewpoint on Sales. The tabloids sell way more than news magazines but I will never say they are more respected. Vanilla Ice and New Kids on the Block and Menudo were all sales geniuses but are hardly mentioned today. Sales will never equal quality. You may get quality with something that sold a lot but the fact that it sold well means nothing but people buy it.

  10. Jenna says:

    None of this sh** is true dumbass. Get your sh** straight before posting an article.

  11. britneylover says:

    Jenna is wrong most of it is true

  12. HarbingerofTruth says:

    No Britney ass kisser as a third party i can tell you’re full of crap, Christina has banked a hell of allot more dough then Britney ever could, in fact the whole jealous rage bull is nothing more the self projection from Britney Spears fans who hate it so much they publish false facts, record & album sales, the artist personal fortune, what they gross on tours and Christina made more then Britney and Britney finished hers while Christina ended her’s short due to the whole having a kid.She racked at minimum 120 million that partial tour while other sources say she’s actually made 185 million so yeah Britney is a Has been and everyone in the entertainment business laughs at her.It’s not even her voice you dumbasses are hearing her albums.

  13. HarbingerofTruth says:

    So we’re clear it’s Christina’s partial tour that brought in a potential one hundred ad eighty five million dollars while Britney’s entire tour without expenses included is exactly 90 million.Damn truth is a bitch, isn’t it moronic Britney fans?, Stupid fans of artists piss me off with their constant lying, spreading & making false facts & data and so much more.

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