Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Are Ruining Popdirt

Contributed anonymously:

Ok so I have been here for a little while watching this website and have finally decided to take an active part but I hope I can stay around here for a while. There is just one problem – I like Britney Spears…..and Christina Aguilera. And apparently there is some kind of war between people who hate Britney and those who hate Christina and a few others.

Let me first say that I am not talking about most Britney or Christina fans or even most haters on either side. The problem seems to be limited to no more than a dozen people who are so incredibly juvenile and hateful in their comments that it is frightening.

It is NOT okay to compare a pop singer to a murdering terrorist.
It is NOT okay to say that somebody deserved to be beaten as a child.
It is NOT okay to wish somebody had an STD

I won’t name the people who are guilty of this but I think we know who they are. AND I don’t mean most people who dislike Britney or Christina. It is okay to make a few jokes at the expense of a pop star it is okay to think their music sucks or they are ugly or b..chy but why behave hateful, why post the same “filthy” words over and over again, why make 20 comments just in one thread about somebody you don’t like. It seems weird and a little bit nuts to me and besides Christina and Britney don’t need us to defend them by behaving like savages on Popdirt. A quick witty comment will do, if you ask me. I wish more Britney fans or Christina fans would speak out to the few extreme folks on “their” sides who are doing this stuff and ruining this website in my opinion. And it is not just Britney or Christina there are also some people who can’t get enough of filling a or Jennifer Lopez thread up with the stupidest most repetitive comments that even a normal five year old would find embarrassing.

Like I said, hate if you want to but please there is a point where it goes overboard and gets disturbing and looks psycho.
I wish we could all respect each other but that is not going to happen but maybe we could all help control the few people here are really out of control on ALL SIDES…

It really doesn’t help when we compliment them or pay them attention because we find one of their 1000 comments funny, that is what they are after (ATTENTION).

That is my opinion and my appeal. I am sorry I wrote an essay, but I want to stay here for a while and right now that seems hard to do.

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