Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera – Slutty Or Classy?

Contributed anonymously:

Okay I am just going to state my opinion so don’t act like morons about this. What’s up with all you hypocritical people (Britney fans) dissing for what she’s done to promote herself when Britney Spears is following the EXACT SAME ROAD, maybe even dirrtier than Christina even. All these excuses that Britney’s photo shoots are more “classy” and “prettier” than Christina’s photos are just lame, c’mon people, y’all just don’t want to admit that Britney is dressing just as provocative as Christina. There is nothing “classy” about being half nude or semi nude! nothing. It’s not even close to being attractive. I think it’s just degrading. And this excuse that “if y’all had the same body than you will do the same.” I have the body and I don’t go around dressing like a slut to show it off. Women can still get attention without having to look like a slut. Maybe not as much attention as a whore dressing person, but she will get more respect. Now I am not a Britney or Christina hater, I like them both, but of course, who do I respect more as an artist? Christina of course! Britney is alright, but what has she done and showed off more, her music or her nude photo shoots? It’s really starting to get old. Britney has nothing to show but a nice body. Even you Britney fans have nothing to say about her music, it’s always “damn she looks hot!” and crap. And no, I am not jealous. Why would I be jealous? I have a family that makes me survive, God that helps me reach further to places where I can yearn to become the women I am inside, and doors of mortality that will always be wide open for me. Plus, I can look at myself in the mirror, with clothes on, and still call myself a beautiful woman. So yeah…once again this is my opinion. I believe that Britney is overdoing this. I know she’s trying to prove she’s “evolving”, but c’mon now, hasn’t she pretty much done the same routine before she had her like…”break”. This girl hasn’t been gone that long to have anything new to say, and hasn’t been through much of anything but heartbreak and public abuse, big deal. We all know that artist like Christina, Beyonce, etc. will be around much longer than her because they have talent. If Britney one day looked like Anna Nicole, people won’t give her a time of day, yet if Christina or any other talented artist looked like Anna, they will still have that voice to back it up, and much more to look back on through the years that truly brought them fame.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera – Slutty Or Classy?

  1. brownsuga says:

    I wish you put your name so I can congratulate you properly, you are 100% right, every day Britney is degrading herself more and more, its getting real old now cos that’s all she has to offer, she doesn’t deserve to be in the music business she should be working at some strip club as a go go dancer.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    I definitely agree. I am kinda sick of the comparison between Britney and Christina, they are both unique in their own individual way. I don’t hate either of them, even though I might be against some things they do to express themselves. But if I can decide whose a better entertainer, that’s Britney, and if I can decide whose a better singer and more of an artist, it’s definitely Christina, she has a voice with wings! Definitely has a great mind that’s worth listening to (sometimes). However, I believe both these girls are showing too much of their bodies though- you can prove so many things in this world without having to be nude and declare your sexuality- that should be a personal thing. Just because someone is comfortable with their sexuality and shows it off doesn’t mean their actions are more divine than their morals. Maturity and coming to adulthood is a melody of how you use your sweet freedom with responsibility and respect, it’s not based on how much clothes you can strip off and how sexual you are.

  3. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    They are 2 completely different artists…doing their own thing. if you have a problem with it fine. but they aren’t gonna stop dressing down just because some people want them to. and I totally agree when it comes to Britney and her voice vs Christina’s. Christina has more to be proud of and I should know I was a few feet away from her when she sang live and it was amazing! when I see Britney live I don’t think I’ll get the same feeling, but well see when that time comes.

  4. breez says:

    Yeah yeah everyone knows it – Britney’s a talentless tart who’s just a puppet on a marketing machine she can’t control. Maybe we should feel sorry for her – she has no say in what she’s doing, she’s been marketed all over again by a boardroom of old men trying to sell albums to 15 year olds. and it will probably work again. disgusting. on second thoughts no, I wont feel sorry for her. She represents everything fake and prefabricated, and she deserves the lack of respect that comes her way.

  5. hellahooked says:

    Okay this opinion is so stupid.. Why are you only picking on the Britney fans calling them hypocritical when it’s the exact same with the Christina fans? Now, look how stupid you sound. When Christina did more disgusting photos(maxim), Christina fans were like: oh she looks hot, what a goddess etc. but now when Britney does it, they call her a whore., slut etc. This is such a bias opinion…. And what are you talking about? ‘Britney fans have nothing to say about her music’ um moron, the reason why is because it’s mainly pictures posted about Britney on this site.. do you expect us to comment on her music when pictures are posted? I don’t think so. LOL Beyonce and Christina will make it much longer , LMFAO right.

  6. angelM says:

    I agree with you 100% also. Did you see the new Esquire pictures with Britney? Shes doing Playboy pics to get attention now.Is that what she calls a image make over? So now she’s an object?? Sexy pics are cool and are needed to show off yourself but cover after cover and all of them getting worse and worse.What up with that? Shes going to loose a lo of respect than she already does. Christina has sexy pictures too but at least she doesn’t do it every damn time.

  7. Ecrirbling182 says:

    All the pictures are fine – calm your Puritan ass down. I think they are beautiful – Maxim ones I didn’t really like but that’s just because I was like what the hell a floatie? Y’all need to learn to calm down about nudity. Britney’s image is only “racey” and “over sexed” if you can’t handle what she does. I think its just kinda interesting. I too wish she would focus more on her music but only so she would write about things that mattered to her, things in her personal life, and not be afraid to just like bare herself in THAT sense. But who the hell am I to psycho analyze her? What is it about Britney and Christina that make us feel we need to defend/explain/accuse them? No one on here is like “Dammit John Mayer! You need to start wearing classier clothes – you look frumpy! You media slut…” lol Like no one cares that much. So just chill and let Britney and Christina do whatever the hell they want, then listen or don’t. – Kate

  8. bravegirl says:

    Sorry but I have to disagree with you Britney didn’t get a record deal if she can’t sing she can and always will be able to sing she didn’t pose nude or gave the people lap dance to reach were she is now she has talent and people who are blind can’t even get their faces out of their asses and recognize all the achievement she has gotten from the years she has been it a bad thing that Britney and Christina express them selves being sexy an provocative their in a time right now in their lives to get naughty and be a young adult you only do it once and you better make a great memory of it or not your choice.and lastly for you to say that we don’t talk about her music is just plain wrong and stupid for you to say I’ve been here now for months and all I’m here for is and always will be here for her music alone. should state your name if your gonna post your opinion.

  9. YogiBear says:

    I wouldn’t call the pictures slutty, but they’re definitely not classy either. I think she’s going about “maturity” the wrong way. what has she really got prove anyway? you’d think her mother would have some say in it since she sill has a very young sister…Not much respect for her family or to her young fans. She should definitely rethink her image. Nothing is wrong with being SEXY, but she’s definitely going overboard on the whole “almost nude pictures” thing. I mean respect is earned, not bought.

  10. lol says:

    There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your body, especially since the male singers are PRAISED for their sexuality. We are not in the middle east where they CAGE and SHAME female sexuality and cover the women head-to-toe. Women are slammed, attacked, and humiliated for their sexual decisions and sex lives. If you do anything remotely suggestive, “OMG YOU SLUT YOU WHORE YOU SHOULD BE KILLED!”. Cue angry mobs. Why are people so against something they owe their very lives to?

  11. lol says:


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