Britney Spears’ Comeback

Contributed anonymously:

Why is it that when there is news about Britney Spears’ new album, haters of Britney want to tear her apart about her personal life? What she does with her personal life is HER business and NOT YOURS!!!She has people following her 24/7, and of course she bound to make mistakes like any other human being. It could be said that her personal life has made her career even bigger but now it is time to give her new album some attention.

‘The Glorious Return Of Southern Bell’ is a possible title for her fifth album. This album is likely to be a huge hit when it released with producers such as:

# Jonathan Rotem (S.O.S (Rescue Me))
#Sean Garret (Yeah by Usher,Check On It by Beyonce, Buttons By The *****Cat Dolls)
#Timbaland(Sexyback by JT, Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado)
#Will.I.Am Of The Black Eyed Peas (Beep By The *****Cat Dolls)
#Swizz Beatz (Ring The Alarm by Beyonce)

You could say that she is only using producers that are hot at the moment(all of this singles have reached top 20 and higher in the U.S and were worldwide successes) But there are still unconfirmed reports of reports of Max Martin and Linda Perry.

So you haters could say all the stuff about Britney and what she does, but remember when Britney does something, She gives her heart.Recently her website got taken down which means her site is being recreated and a comeback is very near!!!

You sick people that say all this stuff about her children, you must call a mental hospital and get yourself checked out. They are only babies and precedes your parents kept you, didn’t they?

P.S Im waiting for the backlash

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