Britney Spears Confronted By A Wacko At The Grocery Store

The National Enquirer reports that was confronted by a strange-looking, unkempt woman with a facial tic at a Malibu supermarket who claimed to have recently ended a marital affair with the singer’s husband Kevin Federline. Your husband and I… we had an affair,” the woman told Spears, adding that she had been “sleeping with Kevin Federline for months… but now I’ve stopped seeing him… but I thought you had the right to know the truth… and you better check yourself…” Britney rolled her eyes and turned around, bolting from the store and calling someone on her cell phone once she reached her car.

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One thought on “Britney Spears Confronted By A Wacko At The Grocery Store

  1. Supermarket Comparison says:

    Does anyone else simply find this amusing? The strange looking unkept woman is quite the comedien!

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