Britney Spears Desperate To Date Busted’s Charlie

The People reports is desperate to hook up on a date with Busted star Charlie Simpson, but he, like many of Britney’s recent flings, is in a committed relationship with girlfriend Camilla Smith. “Britney really wanted to meet him. She’s seen him in a few Busted videos and thinks he’s gorgeous,” a source revealed. An insider with Busted’s record label Universal says Britney wanted to meet him but he couldn’t do it because he is seeing Camilla. “I can’t imagine she would be too chuffed if she found out her boyfriend had gone out on a date with Britney,” the insider remarked.

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One thought on “Britney Spears Desperate To Date Busted’s Charlie

  1. Chaz13 says:

    EWWW SERIOUSLY!! GD I KNW HE USED T FANCY HER BT THT IS REDICULAS!! she’s bald dunno if she was thn but yh she is bald wi a wig lol lv you Charlie xxxxx <3

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