Britney Spears Didn’t Do Bad After All In Razzies

Contributed by Potpot:

The Razzie Awards, an award-giving show that ‘commends’ the worst movies and actors/actresses of the year, has already unleashed their slashing tongues last March 22, 2003; and the result? Madonna ‘Swept’ all the awards ‘Away’, giving her successor the chance to breath once again after being rumored to win all the worst-of awards. was nominated in 8 categories, including Worst Picture for ‘Crossroads’ and Worst Actress in the same teen flick. Nonetheless, she only won the Worst Original Song for ‘Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman’, the OST for Crossroads, her feature film debut, upsetting many critics who wanted her to win all in all the worst-of categories she was nominated in.

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