Britney Spears’ Diminishing Career

It has come to my attention and many other people who aren’t completely obsessed with that her career has become a big question mark. I don’t think anyone can honestly say Britney Spears is still a big star and the once driving force she was in pop culture. Sure she started off with a bang but that quickly fizzled. No other artist would dare put out a Greatest Hits album with only 5 years of success behind them. Not to mention Britney isn’t exactly known for having big singles, her main thing is her album sales. Album sales of which have drastically decreased with EVERY single album release. While her competitors Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera’s record sales increase with their album releases Britney seems to turn off more and more fans with her music. If Britney wants to become popular again she’s going to have to stop being so defensive, start writing some of her lyrics and singing them with some emotion and feeling. Maybe since she’s married she’ll pull a Jessica Simpson and sing about her husband for inspiration. Until then she’ll continue to be compared to an appetizer that’s fulfilling only for a short amount of time until something better and more interesting comes along.

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