Britney Spears Doesn’t Deserve A Moonman This Year

Contributed anonymously:

Lately I’ve been noticing how some people (even people who aren’t fans) are saying that Britney deserves a moon man this year. I think the opposite, and here’s why.

First of all, YES, Britney in the past deserved a moon man because her music videos were the most popular during that time, and she was the most hyped, and her videos always played on TRL non-stop. I think during that era when pop was more popular than R&B and rock, Britney should have earned at least one moon man for a best dance video or for best video or something.

But this year, why should she deserve a moon man? I’m not trying to “hate” (and no, I’m not a hater, that term is getting old btw and too overused. I’m just being real here) but seriously, most of you just have to admit that compared to her past videos, her recent videos like Toxic, MATM, and Everytime aren’t her best. That is just my opinion.
Toxic was alright, but some of you are saying that it should have been nominated for best special effects, and I find that hilarious! Don’t get me wrong, I thought the video was okay, but c’mon, it looked like a video game more than a music video.

And Me Against The Music was okay, but the dancing was kind of boring and looked like another wannabe trying to dance like Janet Jackson.

As for Everytime, sure it was one of Britney’s better videos, but while I was watching it I thought, “lots of flesh, lots of color, but too sentimental, no substance, a bit too dramatic for a simple song.” This year I don’t think she deserves so much credit. Her videos were alright but other videos were far better than Everytime, Toxic, and MATM. I know some of you are mad that Beyonce and Usher are getting all the hype, well, get over it. Britney is not always going to have her time, she’s not always going to be the most hyped, and she’s not always going to get the most attention for her music or music videos just because she sold 60 million copies and had 4 #1 albums in a row.

That’s just the way it goes, some of you are getting mad over nothing. This year isn’t Britney’s best year. She might win a moon man for something, maybe not. I just think that she doesn’t deserve one as much as she should have got one a long time ago, when it was HER year, not Usher’s or Beyonce’s year. That’s just my opinion; don’t need to take it seriously for you Britney fans that seem to take every negative comment about Britney seriously and personally.

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