Britney Spears ‘Doing A Lot Better’, At Home With Dad

X17 spoke with a source close to Britney Spears, who offered a statement regarding the troubled pop tart’s mental state. “I’m still trying to find out all the details myself,” the source said. “I have to say I was not too surprised, for me and several others who are relatively close to her have felt her mental state had been alternating between clear and opaque. From what I have been explained as far as Thursday night’s situation, is that Ms. Spears had a mental lapse. Stress and anxiety along with fear and worry got to her.” The source added that Britney “did not injure her children.”

Meanwhile, Britney’s controversial pal Sam Lufti told E! News’ Jason Kennedy last night, “She is doing a lot better than Thursday night, she’s reached out to her mom and Jamie Lynn and they’ve been in constant contact… they have shown wonderful support.”

And now, People magazine has learned Britney is back at her Los Angeles home with her father Jamie Spears, while her mother Lynne remained in their hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana.

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