Britney Spears Enters Has Been Status

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, the once Princess of Pop, it seems has been “Stripped” of her title. No, this isn’t a vs. Britney essay. But it does seem that Britney is going entering it “has been” status. She has successfully went through the stage where her wild antics far outshine her music. Face it for the past few years Britney’s name has become synonymous with wild behavior, marriages, and pregnancy. Her new reality TV show completes her transformation into an after thought. Now some may make the argument that has a reality show, but Jessica’s show was created before she became a mega star. Britney’s show comes after her stellar career of achievements which makes it all the worse. She is lowering herself down into a place I’m not sure the “almighty queen” Brit can save herself from. Along with this is the massive amount of new talent that is making Britney and Christina both seem like after thoughts. Not saying that these new stars are better, they are just making it harder to imagine a place for Britney and Christina to exist. Case in point, Ciara. She has the combined success of Christina and Britney. Ciara’s songs have the popularity of Britney’s but the chart success of Christina’s singles, which are far more successful than Britney’s. Ciara also has the dancing skills that Britney only dreamed of. Lindsay Lohan has dominated the TRL charts that once belonged solely to Britney and Christina. Beyonce give both girls a run for their money combined Britney’s exciting stage shows with Christina’s powerful voice. All in all, if Britney does stage a comeback she has to make it big and unprecedented or else she’ll become Britney Who?

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