Britney Spears ‘Everytime’ Video Review

From what I saw the ‘Everytime’ video was nothing like Britney Spears’ past videos for a ballad. This video completely is taken up by the media attention the star in the video receives and her endless fights with her lover. You actually do not get to parts where Britney is singing (her character that is) until she contemplates on the matter of suicide. I guess we can assume though she doesn’t carry it out due to her lovers aid. ‘Everytime’ isn’t filled with scenery like the last two ballads from her albums ‘I’m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know’, but the part where Britney is in white I am guessing her reflection as if she were to die, was beautiful and the lighting was great. I actually began to shed a tear at the sorrow put into the video, as if Britney were crying out to us…-shrug-

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