Britney Spears False Pregnancy Alarm Spooked Justin Timberlake

The National Enquirer reports got spooked out of his relationship of more than two years with girlfriend after she took a pregnancy test that came back positive. A source told the tabloid, “Britney and Justin had sex, yes, sex, all the time.” Fortunately it was a false alarm, but enough to scare off the star.

Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears ‘Are Not Together Now’

March 21, 2002 – Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times spoke with a close friend of Justin on the conflicting reports he and Britney are split up. The friend said, “There may be second thoughts on both sides. …They may get back together, but believe me, they are not together now.”

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One thought on “Britney Spears False Pregnancy Alarm Spooked Justin Timberlake

  1. Brentwood_Babe says:

    You can have a false negative, but NEVER a false positive in a pregnancy test. Maybe she thought she was pregnant and took a test, which came out negative. That could have been enough to freak Justin out.

    If this story line is even true.

    I’m sure they’re having sex every now and then, but how can they have sex “All the time”, when they allegedly don’t see enough of each other, hence the initial reason for the breakup?

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