Britney Spears Fans Supporting Kevin Federline

Ok, now that I have read several articles about ’ CD Sales, it occured to me… Where does this money go? Her fans seem so excited to be buying her ‘Greatest Hits’ album, and making this woman more rich. All she is doing with it is giving it all to Kevin.

Who cares about her album sales? Why don’t you naive fans, just download her songs off the internet for free? Most of the songs on this CD, you already have…

Yeah, you should be real proud that her CD is number one in the UK, so congratulations! you have just contributed to:

1.) A great Christmas for Shar’s kids + Child Support
2.) Kevin’s new set of teeth (See this week’s US Weekly, this p.o.s is getting veneers on Britney’s credit card.)
3.) …and toilet paper to wipe Kevin’s @ss.

And how does Britney thank you all? She cancels her tour and avoids fan interaction all together.

How Pathetic.

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