Britney Spears’ Fifteen Minutes Are Over

Contributed Anonymously:

Once a career that filled arenas around the world has been reduced to nothing more than tabloid articles of a star fallen far from where once was. Now the headlines aren’t of ones that describe her career but more of her personal life. They say that any publicity is good publicity but if it is dominated by what you are wearing and who you are dating and not on your ability to perform as an entertainer then you must ask yourself how much longer will people be interested in you. If they no longer care about your performances and only care about what gossip you generate then it can’t be long till the few remaining fans stop caring all together. It only seems that Spears is still in the press because her picture on gossip mags sell papers. There is no need for her anymore once that factor for selling papers is gone. Spears will fade away from sight once the next big tabloid scandal arises and since the don’t print about her career she will fade away and be another forgotten star that has fallen far from where she once was.

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