Britney Spears Finds Herself On ‘In The Zone’

‘In the Zone’ marks a musical departure for Britney Spears. Instead of traditional pop, the singer opts for a darker, more dance-oriented sound. “It was a weird process at first,” Spears tells Billboard. “I didn’t exactly know what direction I wanted to go in, but I took my time. That’s why I like this album so much. I did it right. I waited to find myself with other people that I really had chemistry with and could really be creative with.”

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4 thoughts on “Britney Spears Finds Herself On ‘In The Zone’

  1. tazzsgirl says:

    I didn’t exactly know what direction I wanted to go in.I still want my music to sound like crap,but I didn’t want it to sound like all the other crappy I made.You know (giggle) different crap.

  2. goodnight says:

    So far I like “Outrageous” the most. I had low expectations for that one because so many reviewers trashed it. They were wrong. Awesome song.

  3. jimmypee says:

    That’s funny. It’s hard to “be creative” with people when they weren’t even in the studio with you. all her producers just created generic tracks, then sent them off in the post to her label where she moaned some vocal tracks over them. she’s so full of crap its hilarious

  4. hellahooked says:

    awesome.. She was very creative with this album!

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