Britney Spears – From Virgin To Tramp

Conservative columnist Ben Shapiro weighed in on the transformation of that most recently saw the singer kiss on stage at the Video Music Awards. Shapiro writes in “What happened to Britney? She started to lose popularity. She was too old to maintain popularity as a ‘virgin.’ Society expected her to lose her virginity — now. So she lost it retroactively, by admitting that she had slept with longtime boyfriend years before. But it wasn’t enough. Society wanted a rebel, someone who could break the rules. Britney obliged by suggesting to Madonna that they swap saliva on MTV. Society doesn’t just demand rebellion and over-the-line behavior from its entertainers. It demands that girls (and boys) have sex before marriage, at younger and younger ages. It demands that young women (and men) ‘experiment’ with their sexuality. It demands that biblical values be kept out of schools and that condoms be kept in them. Society demands that dignity take a back seat to salaciousness.”

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears – From Virgin To Tramp

  1. hotstuff says:

    man the haters are gonna milk this this bad. just gonna sit back and watch, its pretty funny. but remember people (us fans) don’t take this to heart, he’s a critic, he’s suppose to criticize people, especially the bigger the star the bigger the reaction.

  2. mamsieg says:

    blah blah…always hating on Britney. ” oh she is a whore because she changed her image and is sexier”. blah blah. And get over the kiss with Madonna, yeah it was exciting at the time, but it’s over. Oh she had sex with Justin Timberlake…yeah? so what. He has had sex with like everygirl he goes out with. You aren’t her mom or dad. She can do whatever she wants. She has a nice body, she’s gonna show it off. So what. Don’t hate on her for that. If Madonna, x-tina, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Lil Kim, Mya, Ashanti, and other female artist can do it, so can she. DEAL WITH IT!

  3. bravegirl says:

    then what the hell do they want her to become a nun seriously why does every girl out there who dresses sexy is being called a slut.

  4. Justincaseyestwo says:

    But I’ll bet if he said something nice you’d all be singing a really different tune.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah your definitely correct, but also so was the comment that the critic said. Sometimes it’s just ridiculous these days in how much nudity and sex is being powered as a way to make money and popularity for the artists, especially when used so often that it seems like their is no sacred honor or real maturity in the heart anymore in today’s society. But all in all, if Britney or any other artists wants to go on like this, what can we do? They are living life for the moment, so hopefully they will be here to show enough talent to express their sexuality and heart just the same. There would always be the legends, and new and more mature artists outside and beyond the pop world, to show how music is done.

    This guy is telling the truth. Too many artists these days are so dependent towards sexuality, or in other words, being more “mature” and “daring”, with themselves, which is okay, but the more they do it, the more it gets so boring, ridiculous, and unoriginal. There are many other ways besides being half nude in magazines to show how sexy you are. Being sexy is not about the clothes you’re wearing, it’s about being a REAL woman, and showing off the power that one can showcase with their talent, not body. And the more they’re doing it, the more that they are somewhat losing the sex appeal. It gets annoying and tiring to see the same sex tease and stuff on television over and over again. In my opinion, I think that they are somewhat burning out their own persona, respect, and popularity from the people because eventually, people will be sick of seeing Britney once again taking off her pants (and maybe her top) on stage, revealing that, “i am more than a girl,” or seeing some other artists revealing barely nothing but a tissue paper top and pants. Most likely, the talented artists that aren’t only sexy, but always have something original at hand for us (such as Alicia Keys, Michelle Branch, etc.), will show us more original expressions of themselves in the future with a better ray of light, and will probably be here longer, no matter how many damn records they sell and crap. It should be about the music, not about the business of marketing provocativeness and boring and ridiculous behavior that we’ve already seen over and over again.

    I bet you hate on Christina and other artists too for being just as sexy, so you deal with the comments that some people have to say (and every right to say) about Britney’s new “image” and “sexuality” and might I add, new voice…? maybe not. Even though the comments are negative, at least they are honest. Britney being sexy with her new image I believe is completely the last thing people hate on her for. Sometimes it’s just the fact that all she does is show off her body, barely talking to her fans about her music, and never passionate about just making music and letting it do most of the modeling to the world. Nobody even gives a damn whether she sings or not, that’s kinda sad. But anyways, you don’t have to hate on honesty (there are always gonna be rude comments about Britney that you’re gonna be sensitive about). Just accept it, and move on.

  6. Whisper666 says:

    Don’t hate because he’s telling the truth. Britney is a straight up whore. That’s all she’s good for. She can’t sing worth sh**. All she’s good for is old horny men to whack off to. Britney has no dignity. She’s already sold herself by exposing her body. Give her a couple years and she’ll be doing Playboy. SKANK. So sad.

    The thing that’s so sad is that all the Britney fans b!tch whenever their precious Britney is insulted. You all need to wake up and face reality. I know you’re in your little dream world where Britney is “OH MY GOD, SO COOL AND TALENTED, TOTALLY.” Please! You all know that she has no talent besides being a slut. Someone called Amy Lee a whore just because she had her opinions about Britney. And she even said the only reason she called her a whore was because she dissed Britney. You Britney fans are all the same. You’ll be quick to insult anyone and anything when it comes to Britney. Wake up and smell reality. When are you going to realize that Britney sucks ass? Can I ask how old all of you are? I can’t imagine any of you being over 13 or 14.

  7. mazza says:

    Geez.. some people are so harsh…Big deal Britney did this or that… in the end any publicity is good publicity and seeing her new record is coming out soon there’s no wonder why she did it… I am by no mean a Britney fan what so ever… I am Mariah’s biggest fan…. y can’t people just let them do what ever makes them happy…its so sad that there can be so much jealousy and hate in this world… y can’t people just be happy for them.. BUT no people can not stand other peoples success so therefore they have to try to bring them down… but Britney fans… do like Mariah fans and just keep supporting her and follow something that you believe in and love… stuff the rest we know whats the best…(for us) that is.

  8. Tig says:

    Gang, it’s here…Britney is Over-Exposed like JLO, and it’s fashionable to hate on her right now. This is not the 1st time Madonna has caused this kind of drama, she does it ever 5 years or so. First with Burning Crosses, Kissing a black priest, being chained to a bed, Group Sex. But, I don’t think, they knew that this would have so much backlash. Negative Backlash.

  9. HoneyRain says:

    come on Britney fans.. I know you didn’t think all of Britney’s recent Christina like antics would go “unpunished” .. oh hell yeah.. she’s about to get all the sh** that Christina got.. can’t wait!! :)

  10. louee says:

    I get the message this guy is trying to send, but it’s not fair the way people always use Britney as the spokesmodel for their arguments. They use her name just to draw attention to their subject matter, which would otherwise be overlooked. I mean really, the article wouldn’t have even shown up here, nor would we have ever read it, if Britney’s name wasn’t apart of it. Britney is not a whore. Being sexy, even showing skin, is not a sin. Sexiness is determined by the beholder, and as for the skin baring…God meant for us to be naked in the first place didn’t he? I’m a Christian, and I would not support a singer I thought was immoral. Britney hardly qualifies to be examined and critiqued in this manner, on this level. She’s been with one freaking guy-I doubt she’s doomed to the fires and brimstone of hell. Let’s give her a break and applaud her long awaited honesty, instead of bash her for it. And we wonder why she won’t admit things. See what happens when she does?!

  11. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Um, we’re going to milk this? What…are you saying that we’re wrong if we feel this exact same way? It just goes t show that “haters” aren’t the only ones who feel that Britney is not only losing steam (hence the reason she has made the not so shocking confessions and done that not so shocking things as of late), but that it’s not good for society as a whole! THIS is what many of us have been pointing out for years now. Maybe you SHOULD take it to heart because it only makes you look totally and completely ignorant if you don’t!

    But why does she feel the need to lie about it in the first place? She should have been honest from the word go. The reason she gets backlash now for being honest is cause it WAS long awaited, and now her “honesty” only makes her out to be a hypocrite. As for the “she’s been with one freakin’ guy” comment….sure, she said that, but come on….again, I’m questioning her credibility here! Does anyone REALLY believe anything that comes out of her mouth anymore? I know I don’t. From the word go, everything she has said is so far away on the scale from what she has actually DONE!! She says one thing yet does another…or she says one thing then a week later takes it back cause it doesn’t fit with the persona they are trying to sell that week. It makes me sick that people do this, but what’s even sicker is that people buy into it. And you’re right…..sexiness is in the eye of the beholder, and all I have to say is that if you think skank is also sex appeal, you have been seriously misguided. You ask “didn’t God mean for us to be naked in the first place?” I have to say a big fat NO to that because the way I see it, God created this perfect garden, had these two people that he intended to live forever….. I think, at first, he ONLY intended there to be Adam and Eve…I don’t think he EVER intended on us being here, and the only reason we are is cause Adam and Eve messed up! WE are the punishment for their shortcomings! Now, does that mean God loves us less and there’s no place for us in Heaven? Absolutely not…..we ARE all his children, but we are the unexpected bastard children of the Holy Father, if you will. In addition to all the people, he gave us shame…in that shame, we put on clothes to cover our bodies! Yes, your body is something to be cherished…by YOU, not the whole entire planet! Not by every other male out there looking for something good to whack off to on lonely Saturday nights. To be cherished by you and your partner…your soul mate!! Skankiness isn’t sexy; it never has been and it never will be! What is TRULY sexy is the mind and talents of a woman (or man for that matter)…what they have to offer from a more personal standpoint. It should NEVER be about the size of a woman’s tummy or breasts or both…… That just shows the world how shallow you are when all you care about is how someone looks! And people use Britney today the same way they used her beloved Madonna yesterday….because she’s made herself the biggest star on the planet at the moment, and that comes with the territory. If you make that big a name for yourself on less than appealing terms, be ready for the backlash to take ground!

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