Britney Spears’ Future

Contributed by jboogie06:

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I wanted to know your OBJECTIVE opinion on the post below. I posted it on another post, but I wanted to make it a topic, so I’m posting it here. Please no insults. I think we are smart enough to express our opinions without insulting one another. That said, read and let me know what you think.

For everyone that under-rates Britney Spears; I think Britney is great at what she does. She is not a great singer, but a great performer/entertainer. Eventually, she will go into acting because her music career won’t last long if she keeps putting out the same type of music. Her teen fans will soon grow up, and unless she is as smart as others who have realized that it takes more than just sex appeal to have longevity in the music industry, they will not be interested anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, Britney is talented, but I don’t think she has what it takes to remain on top for too long. She lacks the versatility to keep her there. Maybe she can someday realize that she needs to take charge of her career. She needs to start writing her own music. She needs to stop being manufactured and stand up for herself and her art. I would love to see her succeed, but she needs to go to the next level. She needs to start writing meaningful songs; stop it with the catchy tunes already, and the over the top sexual exploitation. We all get it, she is super HOT. There’s no need to remind us of that every time you hear her or see her. We get it, we really do get she’s HOT.

It’s not all about the voice either. Most of it has to do with the quality of your music, and weather you are a Britney fan or not, we all have to agree, as of today, she hasn’t put out one song that is worth any praise besides that of, “it makes me want to go shake my ass”. Let’s hope she gets to the level of good quality music so that we can have Britney for years to come.

I am a Britney fan. I shake my ass to her music, especially, ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’. But as a fan, I hope to also see other sides. Being a Britney fan does not mean that you have to settle for less. At least I don’t think she is less. But at the same time, she needs to step it up. She is 22. It is time already. I want her music to evolve. I hope she gets there so that she can continue to entertain us, but not with publicity stunts or sex, but with her music.

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