Britney Spears Gets A Flat Tire, Ditches Her Mercedes

got a flat tire in her Mercedes on Monday (January 7) driving on Sunset in Beverly Hills with her assistant Carla. Instead of stopping as soon as possible, the singer continued to drive with the flat, no doubt damaging one of her pricey rims. When she finally did stop, a female could be heard on the scene describing the chaos sounding like a news reporter.

Spears then got into the car of X17 snapper Fabrezio. X17’s web site said that when Fabrezio asked about her weekend with Adnan, she got quiet and said solemnly: “Uh, it was fine.” Once at Britney’s home, the snapper was let inside but warned to “leave the damn camera in the car.” Fabrezio said that the home was beautiful and spotless. Britney then asked him to take care of her car and gave the shutterbug her keys. But she wasn’t happy when the guy asked if he could take a picture. “Don’t be lame,” Spears said.

The keys didn’t do the pap much good, because the LAPD confirmed that “just before 8 p.m. this evening Britney Spears’ vehicle was impounded for blocking the roadway on Sunset Blvd. by the 405 freeway in West Los Angeles.” Watch footage of the flat tire drama below.

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