Britney Spears Gives Middle Finger Salute

was photographed giving the middle finger to a photographer during a walk around West Hollywood, California on Sunday (October 13).

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Gives Middle Finger Salute

  1. jimmyp says:

    that’s hardly giving a finger. She looks like she was fixing her glasses.

  2. jimmypee says:

    has that twit never heard of wearing a bra? all the money shes got one little bra wouldn’t cost a thing. i guess class cant be bought.

  3. passingthrough says:

    Actually the date in question was the 13th and they don’t have photos they have a photo of her adjusting her glasses using her middle finger.

  4. PopTart says:

    Not only is she giving the middle finger salute, her nipples are too. Way to go Britney.

  5. mellowyellow says:

    There’s that middle finger thing again. Girl needs to tape that thing down. And get a bra while she’s at it.

  6. dum_BLONDE says:

    Is it just me, or is that a cigarette in her mouth in a few of the pics? I honestly don’t care if she smokes, its her choice, but I just wanna make sure I’m not seein’ things, lol.

    BTW, she was NOT flipping of the camera, y’all can be such morons sometimes. Ever heard of adjusting sunglasses? Yeah, sometimes people do that so they don’t fall off your face…don’t be so petty!

  7. Necie says:

    my god the girl needs a bra!!! i am not hating, they just shouldn’t be out there flapping in the wind like that :)

  8. RedBeast says:

    Good for you Britney! Keep on standing up for yourself. With all the attention and popularity Britney has, i would also careless to give the middle finger. I’d be so *****in annoyed at photographers following me everyday, and especially when I’m on breaks. Flick all you want Britney, the photographers deserve it!

    everyone flicks the middle finger Tart! anyways, it’s an everyday thing so it’s so lame that people are even making a big deal about it. would you make a big deal if u saw someone on the street flick off a driver for almost running the person over?? But you would make a fuss of Britney flicking? so stupid. you flicked the finger, I’ve flicked the finger, Britney flicks the finger, she’s just one of us. let it be and let go of such stupid things!

    Britney did “bring it upon herself” but is she the one who’s fussing about it and makin it such a big deal?? No, you are Tarty PopTart! so back off, and next time make sense and don’t think whatever you say is such a comeback, cause so far all i’ve been hearing from you are lame ass responses!

  9. MeAndMyPiano says:

    actually it was a lolipop she was holding in her hand, if you click to enlarge the picture you would notice, she really isn’t wearing a bra, eek! who cares though? she probably just wanted to get out without any cares for a while or something, and she WAS just on her way to the tanning booth or something, wasn’t she?
    Oh well…damn how many pictures did they get? were they stalking or following her every move or something? geez…lol

  10. nYLa says:

    For crying out loud!! She’s adjusting her sunglasses!! She has a freakin lollipop in her hands.. LMAO! Its weird not to wear a bra, but hey she just came from the tanning booth. So iono…i like the outfit, but she does need a bra. Give her a break people…she is trying to have fun during her break and its hard to have a billion cameras following u when yer trying to have break.

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