Britney Spears Has A Bad Dream For Our Sins

Stephanie Zacharek of the New York Times reviewed ’ new video for ‘Everytime’. Zacharek writes, “A slap at fans and the media, ‘Everytime’ suggests that Ms. Spears, greedily, wants it all: like Garbo, she wants to be alone, provided she can have a stylist. Of course, she hates the press even more than the public, and to put that across, Mr. LaChapelle gleefully screws on his funhouse lens: the paparazzi in ‘Everytime’ are shot with the same degree of calculation as the Jews in ‘The Passion of the Christ’, with hooked or bulbous noses and bulging eyes. They surround her as screaming, chubby fans claw and clutch. With monsters like these around, no wonder the Britney of ‘Everytime’ wants to wash herself clean.” Read more.

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