Britney Spears Has Been Acting Dumb And Trashy Lately

Contributed Anonymously:

When started she was a nice person. Now she is not that at all. She is not signing a pre-nup which will make her lose a lot of money. She is very dumb for not doing it. I read the Jason Alexander article and seen those pictures of her on the balcony with Kevin and she looked very trashy and like a w****. Even Kevin doesn’t look like he wants her to do it there. Little kids could be down there looking or waving at her. I know her fan base isn’t little kids but they can still look and wave at her. That’s what the bedroom is for. Don’t do that when people are looking.

She is losing fans because of the decisions she is making and her sales have gone down. She needs to change!! She doesn’t seem like she cares about her fans anymore. It’s very bad and she is losing fans! And when she gets married she will get a lot of bad press and look like trailer trash. And if she gets divorced she will lose a lot of money and she will be sorry for all of the stupid things she is doing. She lip-synchs at all her concerts and it’s pathetic.

Lately in pictures Britney had been looking horrible. She has terrible acne. But I think she doesn’t even care about herself because she is rich and she can pay for an ice cream. She can but she doesn’t. And it looks like she has been gaining weight. You can think she could go to the gym with all of this time off.

All she does is going around with Kevin. It seems like she is letting him rule her. She also should quit smoking because it is hurting her voice. With this time off she can also try to quit smoking but does she try. No of course.

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