Britney Spears Has Let Me Down

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I have always been a hardcore fan of Britney Spears. I know all of her biographical info, visit her site everyday, have all her albums.. to me, Britney could never do any wrong. She was always so classy and voiced the importance of being a good role model to young girls everywhere, until now. For the past few months she has done things that have really turned me off, including posing practically nude, kissing Madonna, W magazine confessions, and giving poor performances. When I read that W mag article I was wondering why Britney decided all of a sudden to air out all her laundry. If it’s no one’s business and not important, why even talk about it? It has nothing to do with the music. That makes me think that she did the whole thing for attention and to boost sales. Now I feel so incredibly stupid for EVER insulting Christina Aguilera. I always called Christina a slut and whore for doing the things she does and now Britney is doing the SAME thing (and you’re in denial if you disagree). I’m so disappointed. I thought Britney was above that. Of course Britney has always pushed the envelope with her sexiness, but now it seems like she’s deliberately trying to top everything Christina has done this past year. I know she’s trying to be more “mature” but that doesn’t mean take the same path Xtina did. I thought the whole point was to be DIFFERENT. What happen to her doing her own thing and leading the pack? What happen to her being BRITNEY SPEARS? I hate to say it, but she’s nothing but a sad follower now.

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12 thoughts on “Britney Spears Has Let Me Down

  1. annita says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way. But, like Christina said, “She (they) grew up”.

  2. HoneyRain says:

    I agree and disagree.. these ladies are old enough to make their own decisions and no one can do anything about that.

  3. Carrie says:

    Britney is happy with who she is and that’s what matters. She was unhappy being the sweet, goody two shoes virgin from before. That wasn’t her. I have more respect for her now than before. I hate artist that try to show the public an image that is not them, If you’re dirty show the world who you are. No matter what she’s beautiful like Xtina’s song goes.

  4. EvanescenceSucks says:

    I’m a fan of Britney, and I feel the same way. “Growing up” does not mean one must strip down, grind inanimate objects, and reveal every tawdry detail of one’s sex life. Jennifer Connely, from Labyrinth, A Beautiful Mind, and The Hulk grew up too, but you don’t see her posing half naked on magazine covers and talking about losing her virginity or her favorite sex positions. Same with Mandy Moore. They have a choice, and I feel that they have been making poor choices.

    I meant Britney and Christina are making bad choices, not Jennifer and Mandy.

  5. kiki says:

    I am sorry that you feel that Britney ahs so-called “let you down”, but she always been a follower and she’s has publicly saying her business to world for her fans and people around to feel sorry for her. Although I don’t feel sorry herm she should realize that music is all that counts. And as for her “sexed” image, she thinks that she can win her fan base and popularity for making a publicity stunt on the VMA’s and posing nude for Rolling Stone, well on the other hand she is humiliating herself. So I wish Britney Spears the best and good luck on her album because from all her mess ups she need a lots of luck. And finally, I have two proverbs. “You reap what you sow” and “You made your bed and lay in it”.

  6. rachel says:

    muhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Lol, she now let you down? The girl let us all down five years ago when she came out with her horrible voice and no good robotic dance moves. Personally they are both a la skankiness but the difference is one has incredible talent and the other well now she looks whitish pink and chunky like Miss Piggy. Britney again why do you have such a gloomy face?

  7. annita says:

    With my comments before, I didn’t mean it was a good thing. Even though I compliment the girls’ beauty, I know exactly what you mean. If you have ever read any of my comments, you know that I have a huge problem with “public indecency”. I value morals and dignity is an important factor to me. But you know what, I’ve also learned that the world has changed and there is nothing we can do about it, but except it. We can’t expect them to stay the same, Sadly it’s a rough world in show business and celebrities sometimes feel pressured to do the unthinkable. Christina Aguilera is a great example at that.

  8. louee says:

    oh anonymous, calm down. I don’t know if I really believe a Britney fan posted this or not, btw. Britney is finally letting go and being herself. She likes to shock and get attention, and that’s all she’s trying to do. She’s not being a follower in any way. Her and Christina are still miles apart in scandalousness. Britney is ultra beautiful with a flawless bod to match and she wants to show it off. When her CD drops, the music will be center stage again-not her image. I never thought Xina deserved to be insulted either. Sexuality should not be considered taboo. Britney is still a leader, and always will be. Her music and style is gonna be so different, I know. How can we, Britney fans, expect naysayers to look past her image if we can’t? Come on give her a chance…she’s only just begun.

  9. HoneyRain says:

    ^^i think this fan is just angry.. I know a lot of fans who dropped Christina as soon as they saw Lady Marmalade.. and when Dirrty came out.. that was the end of it. However, I will always stand by my belief that people should judge the music, not the image. I don’t agree with everything Christina does but dammit.. that’s my girl and I’ll always support her!

  10. JnChrisFan1 says:

    I bet anything that Britney’s music is still gonna sound the same from her last cd. To me she does nothing different than sex up her image cause I do not think that she has the true talent to go into the studio and write something real and meaningful other than singing about going out and partying, its the same song and its getting played out. I was highly disappointed in her NFL performance it was terrible. I am a huge fan of her performances but I could not believe what I was seeing. I’m not a fan of her singing cause its just horrible its gets worse and worse the more she grows up. But I believe the reason that she needs to go this route is to keep people talking about her cause she sure can’t sing and if anybody believes she can than God has blessed you with terrible hearing capabilities don’t get me wrong she was pretty good as a child but every CD gets worse and worse….y’all the poor child needs prayer cause I don’t know what she doing at least Christina has the voice to back her up but Britney has nothing

  11. BabyBlue2578 says:

    Thank GOD you’ve finally seen the light… but um, Miss Spears was always a sad follower. The few things she did do were merely for shock value and now that she’s realizing that stripping down to a body stocking can’t beat out stripping down to nothing, she’s got nowhere left to go… nothing left to do. Truth be told, I feel sorry for the poor child. Her mouth to mouth resuscitation with Madonna was just a sad attempt to resuscitate her washed up career.

  12. grprincess says:

    First of all I am sick of people accusing Britney of following Christina when it is the other way around. Yes get it though your heads. Britney came out first and was the first blonde pop star- Christina followed. Britney turned up the sexuality first (in her strip tease performance a few years back before Christina acted remotely sexy and in her slave for U video). Then Christina comes out with Dirty and now people are saying Britney is copying Xtina. How so? Britney did a Versace show so did Xtina. Brtiney made a movie and Christina wants one too. Do you guys see a pattern here? Do you? And just because Britney is trying to be mature how is that like Xtina? Britney has been turning up her sexuality with each CD. Of course she want to turn it up-she IS more mature. She is 21 for Gods sake. Its not like tons of other pop stars haven’t been turning it up like Beyonce, Jewel, etc. Are they following Christina too?

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