Britney Spears Has The No. 1 Album And Single In The World

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On the United World Album Chart ‘In The Zone’ remains at No. 1 for a second week. Madonna’s ‘American Life’ Album was No. 1 for 2 weeks. ‘Me Against The Music’ moves 2-1 on the World Singles & Airplay Chart after being on their for 6 weeks. This is Madonna’s second No. 1 on the Singles chart for the year. ‘American Life’ went to No. 1 were it remained for 4 weeks. ‘Hollywood’ peaked at No. 3 and stayed there for 8 weeks.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Has The No. 1 Album And Single In The World

  1. outrageous4u says:

    Just another reason, among the many, to love Britney it always pays off being a fan because not only do you support the best of the best, she always proves herself no matter what!

  2. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Well she can’t be that high since the Europe has put her below 20’s on the charts. the site look cheap and made up. a real and official site would be more decent than that.

  3. rachel says:

    Well she is at number 3 in the U.S. U guys said that is what matters right, hypocrites making excuses. And she is at 34 in the UK so its funny how its says she has a number 1 album in the World Charts. Very strange.

  4. Rob4Britney1788 says:

    She does actually have the #1 album in the world for week two.. that’s 100% true. Don’t expect ITZ to have #1 for a third week though. MATM on the other hand can stay at #1 for a couple more weeks.

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Wow! United World Album Chart is a very reliable source just look at the webpage. Any Britney fan can do a sh** like that and put all their crap. Teenyboppers, here’s my advance Xmas present (I got this from LD): In Ireland, in its 57 (or 58th) week on the charts, Stripped jumps #18 to #15! It’s for sure 4x platinum already, going on 5x platinum (75k). This is amazing, and the BRIT awards should help as well. She also overtakes the lovely B.J. Sparkles, as well as Kylie! Alicia debuts at #37, but will surely rise! In Sweden, Stripped has been in the charts for 40 weeks, or so. It’s falling at a good steady pace, after peaking at #13 (for two weeks). Its already gold (30k), and may be platinum already (we’ll know in January). The Grammys and BRITs should help out as well, and the concert airing on RTL2 may increase sales for the rest of the month. She’s already overselling Kylie, and Britney took a decent fall– so she might overtake her in the next coming weeks. Justin is outta the chart! In Germany, Stripped stays steady at #49. It’s already platinum (300k), and may even be double platinum (600k)– as some are saying. The concert is airing there (over the weekend?), and should increase Stripped’s sales again. In Austria, Stripped was on the brink of exiting the charts, but managed to jump again– from #74 to #60 something. Ill check and let you know soon. In Belgium, Stripped is out of the top 50. It has done amazingly well there as well, never leaving the top 50, until this week. In Holland, Stripped has stayed in the charts for 57 weeks. This week it falls #23 to #26! Still great!! Stripped is for sure platinum (80k), prob even double plat. We should know by the end of the year, and I’ll keep you posted.

  6. Dominicano1197 says:

    I’m actually starting to like Britney.She’s finally fessed up about certain subjects and that gave me a lot more respect for her.So all I have to say is more power to her.

  7. Rob4Britney1788 says:

    blah blah blah who wants to bother reading this all. Britney is more successful than Christina PERIOD – she always has been and always will be – Christina is SECOND to Britney. ITZ is still selling massive amounts of records worldwide. Maybe Christina is a LITTLE bit more popular in Europe right now, but Britney is more popular in North/South America, Oceania, Asia, and South Africa.

  8. Britney_rocks_2003 says:

    Cool Dominicano, that just means Britney got one more fan, its pretty cool that you have more respect for her, I think everyone should have a lot of respect for her, the girl worked her ass of to be where she is right now, and Brit, congrats on your album, its totally amazing

    Actually Christina is not more popular in Europe, she is in the UK, a country of the size of California. Second if you look at the sales of ITZ & Stripped in Europe, you can tell who is more popular in Europe in general. So Brit fans don’t worry, Britney still huge

  9. rachel says:

    LMAO, yeah sure teeny. Whatever makes you feel better, keep saying that over and over’, ‘and maybe it might come true. Boo hoo so the bitch Spears is a flop who cares really. Finish High School and quit living your lives based on that ho.

  10. Lotus says:

    Dido would seem like a better candidate for the no 1 spot. BS’s not even no1 in *America* anymore! No Doubt kicked her ass! I don’t see why I trust that chart! I’ve never heard of it before. Her people are most likely buying up large quantities of records á la the Scientologists to make her numbers seem more impressive so she hasn’t “proved” anything. The general public knows that she is not “the best” (the best tends to be able to sing live) so they aren’t buying. Little bragged about fact is that she’s only in the top 10, if not top 20, in most countries so maybe you should get another idol. If you base your choice of music on charts you must have pretty poor taste in music!

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