Britney Spears Has Yet To Disappoint

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Many people from this website have been buzzing over Britney Spears the past few days. Not much talk is very good. I just saw an article about a Britney follower disappointed. They brought up the point Britney is pulling an ‘X-Tina.’ I must say I disagree. Yes, Britney is talking a shocking route, but I must say not as shocking. While went a bit too “Dirrty,” I must say some of Britney’s shoots are a bit more classy. The photos have been more tasteful. While most disagree, I must say there are differences. Also, Britney has always been sexy, remember Rolling Stone 1999? or how about UK FHM? Obviously it was never to such a drastic extent, but those were just as bad then. Of course Britney was going to do this. I expected this. But it is her way of saying “I’m back,” or “I’m independent, and free.” By the way, if you got it you should flaunt it! Also, “disappointing performances?” I must say she is energetic and seems happy. Most of it is probably regarded to the song, ‘Me Against the Music.’ The song is not even a single! It isn’t even the correct version!? How could you even begin to judge? Also, I think everyone has a bad single every now and then? Remember the hatred toward ‘Dirrty’ and ‘Help Me?’ How about ‘Like I Love U?’ Until then please everyone stop bashing other artists, not just Britney. But, Christina, Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, and just everyone!

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12 thoughts on “Britney Spears Has Yet To Disappoint

  1. EvanescenceSucks says:

    It’s the natural order of things. People like an artist and bash other artists perceived to be an “enemy” or “competition” to that artist… as if they’re ever going to know how “loyal” you’ve been? Please (and this is just an example), do you really thing Britney is going to come to your door and pat you on the back for bashing Christina and Justin? Or do you think you’re going to get a personal thank you note from the BSB for trashing NSync? WHO THE HELL CARES? I personally like Britney AND Christina, Justin AND Nick, and don’t understand why there is all this warring going on between the two sides.

  2. jimmypee says:

    WTF is it with Britney fans on this site? does Jive pay the owner or something? LMAO at Britney’s photoshoots being classier than Christina’s. take RS for example. Christina’s ONE raunchy pic on the cover was typical rock and roll….sexy and music…her and the guitar. all the rest of the pictures were great. unlike Britney who has to show us her tan lines. and at least Christina kept her naked photoshoots to magazines like Maxim where you expect them. not in *****ing FASHION magazines like Elle and WOMEN’S magazines like W. since when has fashion been about the OPPOSITE of wearing clothes? and her song is *****. make up all the excuses you want. that was their choice as comeback song, and it failed. the “its not a single and its not finished” crap is just damage control after the terrible reception it got. you *****s should be worried because its not looking for her.

  3. musikluver says:

    finally!! someone on here that’s not talking out their ass… totally agree with the comment….. anyway.. like you said the song isn’t even the correct version. Britney has already said that herself.. rumored that Madonna will remix it or be part of it… I still like it the way it is… if this rumor is true it could only get better.

  4. babet says:

    wtf you talking about??? Britney IS a disappointment. I turn on ET…see her face…and I’m disappointed. there are times when I don’t wanna hear about fictional characters…….but you know…they pop up every once in a while…..then they disappear. and please..there’s a hater for everybody. there’s enough to go around. its not just Britney.

  5. annita says:

    You confuse me. First you like her, then you hate her, now you like her again. See next time don’t jump to conclusions. But yes, you’re right. Britney’s pictures are more professional, They don’t offend as much as Christina’s. (sorry Christina fans).

  6. brizzitney says:

    Neither Britney’s nor Christina’s photo shoots lately have been classy AT ALL!! I think Christina is an awesome singer and she did some wonderful writing, too, but I don’t agree with how she presents herself. I don’t like how Britney is, either. Britney does this because she has an average voice. They should rely on talent instead of sex-appeal. There are other ways to be sexy rather than showing off your body. The mind is a powerful tool.

  7. jimmypee says:

    LMAO! her RS pics are FAR more Playboyish than Xtinas and if you think that this is as trashy as she’s going to go, then you’re a very confused person. her album isn’t out for another two months at least and she’s already got skanked up on multiple magazines….every one that will “have” her, as it is.

  8. jimmypee says:

    Have you even SEEN any of Christina photoshoots in the last 8 months? she got over the “naked” thing last December, and ever since has been classy as hell. take a look at her new esquire cover. just because Britney’s stripping on every cover that will allow her, doesn’t mean Christina is.

  9. annita says:

    But the ones from now don’t look as dirty… do you understand? and believe me I know, she WILL get “trashier” , but until then will I say she looks pretty. I’m not confused by that, I can care less what she does… I’m no a fan!!!. I can admire beauty though, and she’s yet to leave me in disgust. Maybe one day she will.

  10. louee says:

    I love Xtina’s style, but Britney has way more class. Christina looks cool, but Brit looks beautiful! I’m not really too shocked to taken aback by the “new” Britney. She looks the same to me. She’s always been a sex pot. She’s not sexy because she has a poor voice, she’s sexy because she can’t freaking help it!. BTW, she has a great voice. She sounds so good in concert I know first hand, because I’ve heard her live. Also, several producers have said good things about her vocals too. Haters just need to stand down.

  11. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Yes people need to stop bashing, well the ones that just have this strong hate towards other artists they don’t even know….but people can express their minds to a certain extent…..and I have to disagree Britney is taking a mature grown up route, but her music is still the same I have heard some of her stuff already and its nothing really different, I think if your gonna grow and change I think your music should to its childish always talking about going out and partying sing about something real, I don’t believe she has the talent to go into the studio and write something meaningful and different plus she always has fast song now her first CD had a lot of slow cause she could sing better back then, but now on her last CD there was only 1 cause the only way she can do anything is if she dances cause she sure as hell can’t sing, I’m sorry that’s the truth so she has to sex up her image and keep everyone talking like we are doing now.

  12. luluvon_2000 says:

    I don’t know how people can say that Britney’s Rolling Stone cover is classier than all of X-tinas photoshoots with a straight face, I really don’t… Has anybody even seen X-tina’s photoshoots lately? Ex. Versace, Esquire? People are so stuck in the past that they don’t even see whats in front of them… While Britney is getting skimpier with her photoshoots, Christina is getting classier and people still bring up the “Dirrty” era… It makes me sick that some people defend Britney’s raunchy photoshoots by saying she’s beautiful-thats seems like the only reason some think her’s are classier, because she looks “Beautiful” on them… Please, they aren’t classy, just like X-tina’s weren’t…I swear, if I didn’t know what magazine Britney’s photo was on, I would think it was Playboy or something…yeah she’s pretty and all, but it doesn’t make the shoot somehow become “classy”… Holla!

    How does Britney have more class when she’s getting skimpier and skimpier by the magazine cover, while Christina is getting classier and classier with her photshoots…. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out all of Britney’s photoshoots lately and compare them with X-tina’s latest photoshoots and you’ll see what I’m talking about… X-tina’s latest photshoots (ex. Esquire,Versace) out-class Britney’s latest raunchy shoots (ex. “W”, NY post, and Rollingstone)… I’m not saying Britney is wrong for doing so, but it makes me sick that its ok for Britney to pose nude (B/c she’s “Beautiful”), but not when Christina does it… Britney looking Beautiful while doing it does not make it classy… Holla!

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